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elcome to Phase 1 of The Lose Weight Diet. For anyone just starting here, let me quickly mention that this weight loss diet plan is completely free. Yes, really. There will be nothing to pay for or sign up for at any time. It's all free. I swear. Now, on to Phase 1.

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You know when you eat food and drink drinks? Well, every one of those foods and every one of those drinks contain calories. Say it with me... calories. The reason I'm mentioning calories to you as though you are 5 years old is because the answer to the almighty "how to lose weight" question all revolves around calories.

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What about working out?

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Here's another thing you may have been thinking. "I know how to lose weight... burn more calories than I consume. I got that. I know I can do this by eating about 500 calories less than my maintenance level.

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Protein, Carbs, and Fat

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While your total calorie intake is the most important aspect of weight loss, where those calories come from is a close second. As far as calorie choices go, there's really only three; protein, carbs and fat. Despite what the many fad diets and commercial diet plans have scared you into thinking, your weight loss diet NEEDS to contain a good amount of all three.

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So, to sum up, by the end of this page you're going to know how to lose weight. Sound good? Great. Let's get to it...

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