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Adjust your Speakers the Right Way!!

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Whether you've got the same cheap system you rocked in college or 10 grand's worth of high-fidelity frivolity, one of the most important factors in how good your audio system sounds is where you put the speakers.
Sound can trip over objects, bounce off walls, get lost in a big fluffy couch, or fall to any number of other physical impediments. Poor locations will spoil the sound, while careful placement will bring out the best in your gear.
Be prepared to consider and experiment with even the oddest position —- it could be your perfect solution. And make sure to read any documentation that came with your rig. Some speakers are designed to sit up against the wall, for instance, and knowing as much could cut out hours of pointless tweaking.
This article is part of a wiki anyone can edit. If you have advice to add about getting golden tones out of those cones, log in and contribute.

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Quit Smoking

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You can eat five portions of fruit and veg a day and exercise regularly, but healthy behaviour means little if you continue to smoke.
The message that 'smoking is bad for you' is an old one, so not everyone gives it their full attention. Below we list the health risks of smoking.

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Who is the Best - Twitter or Facebook!!

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Different platforms, with different approaches, serving different needs... but both are highly viral and are used for social networking. Facebook is the most successful social networking website / platform and, depending on the rankings, the 2nd - 9th most visited website on the planet.

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