Best Review - Top 3 iPad and iPhone Reviews of Interactive Apps and Accessories for Kids and Adults


he number of interactive apps and accessories available for the iPad and iPhone are growing daily. Trying to keep up to speed is almost impossible however here are the Top 3 Reviews. Whether you are looking for interactive LEGO, Boardgames, Karaoke or Crayola we have it for you. If safety is paramount, we have a fantastic review of the best protective accessories too.

We know that children take to these new 'expensive' toys like ducks to water. They can grab hold of them and understand how to navigate and play games often quicker than the adults. As a result it is key that not only we keep them safe, but that we keep their little minds active and with the wonderful ideas on show here you are bound to find something for everyone.

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Best Interactive iPad Apps and Accessories

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Turn your iPad into an interactive game board, Karaoke machine or piano with these incredible apps and accessories. This will allow not only the kids to enjoy it but the adults too. Who would have thought! Make sure you add a safety protective case though to protect these very expensive 'toys'.

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iPhone and iPad Accessories iguy Little Kids and Big Kids

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The best accessories on the market to protect your iPhone and iPad. Protective screens and so much more. iGuy, Big Grips Frame, Fisher Price Apptivity Case, Snappy Stripes and Woogie. It is so important that these expensive 'toys' are cared for and these accessories are perfect for doing just that.

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Play Lego Games on the iPhone and iPad - Interactive Lego Game

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Turn your iPhone or iPad into an interactive LEGO game with the Life Of George. You will never think about LEGO quite the same again. This helps to make the iPad and iPhone a portable game for people of all ages.

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Now you are equipped to not only purchase protective products to save your iPad or iPhone from little fingers, but also are well informed of the latest and best interactive apps and accessories on the market. Have Fun! Don't let the kids have all the fun. Growing up most children played with chalk, played outside and did not have one electronic toy anywhere nearby. These days are different. Make sure fresh air and variety are on offer however as variety is the spice of life and too much ipad/iphone playing does not help to provide for an all-rounded child...the child in all of us needs variety.

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