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he internet is a crazy place. All sorts of things exist there. From the stupid to the genius creations. Take internet memes for example. Memes are huge in the internet. They easily go viral. Below are three of the internet memes that went viral online just recently.

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Owling is simple. You simply perch on something and act like an owl. You can do owling anywhere. People have done it on fences, rooftops, bathrooms, cubicle divisions, statues, and even on top of other people.

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Leisure Diving

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As the term suggests, you dive with leisure. Now take a picture of you doing the dive and post it online. That's leisure diving. In doing the dive, you must strike a pose mid-air. A pose that suggests leisure like holding a champagne bottle, a glass of wine, or reading a newspaper.

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Nyan Cat

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The Nyan Cat went viral during the second quarter of 2011. It just features an animated GIF of a cat who flies through space while leaving a swash of rainbow behind.

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It's amazing what the internet can produce. It brings out the best and the worst out of people. You don't have to look closely into owling, leisure diving, and Nyan Cat to realize that they mean nothing. They make no sense. They are stupid, as a matter of fact. Well, one thing's for sure, they are entertaining. And it's no secret that most people log in online for entertainment.

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Owling is not as good as

Owling is not as good as planking, just isn't.

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