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o you know that kinds red ant or called semut rangrang (Oecophylla smaragdina) has economic value significantly.

The cultivation kinds of red ant nowadays has been perforated by the breeders and are expanded as source of family's income due to its cultivation don't need to spend high cost and easy to implement it.

This kind of ant could be found any where in surrounding environment but its cultivation have to consider ecosystem balancing to avoid its extinction.

Beside that this kind of ant can also be used by the farmer to exterminate the plant's disease naturally without using various kind of chemotherapies that could reduce the quality of the fruits.

Kinds of red ant are lives as a group just like a kingdom and are leveled into princess, soldier and also worker. The princess look bigger and has wing in comparison with the others and will responsible to lead and also has an authority to ask the soldier to protect their colony when they detect something to come.

They're sensitive animals that's why on its cultivation process don't involve many people that might caused it's dead. They have a gun like poisonous that could affect to eye irritation nevertheless it is not too dangerous.

Cultivation kinds of red ant has a high economic value because their egg could be sold for bird's meal especially for chirp birds. It has high protein and the best meals for the chirp birds where it can't be replaced by any other meals.

Kinds of red ant cultivation proceed

Kinds of red ant cultivation could be devided in two categories start from precondition until become a breeder where both categories are significant differently.

Precondition has the meaning to multiple number of ant with many different methodes. As an example by placing it into ex-bottles or throughout plastic boxes that could be bought in the market. you could select one of the above methodes depend to your budgeting. While the breeder has the meaning producing egg from kinds of red ant as source of a family income.

The precondition of its cultivation could be started by buying seed of ant from the breeder or could be arranged by looking for it in surrounding environment. If you have enough money we could suggest you to buy the seed from the breeders feature you'll more easy to adapt it with their new environment due to the cultivation proceed are involving a human start from giving meals and also drinks. Beside that the seed of ant will has better quality in comparison with looking for the red ant from the world or even from surrounding environment.

How we do recognize the princess, male, workers and the soldiers

Just like a government the colony of ant are leveling into princess, male, worker and also soldier.When they do their activities they have high tolerance and work together. This might could be duplicated by the people how we do arrange a human being relationship to appreciate each other.

The princess has the function to lead and have an authority to ask their colony doing their activity in accordance with their own leveling. The Princess has bigger size in comparison with the others and easy to recognize it. The cultivation of the red ant either for precondition and start to breed having the princess is very important to optimize number of ants and of course to multiple the profit.

The cultivation of the red ant without princess could be also done but the eggs will not crack accordingly. Most of the eggs are going to be making ant hill called "labirin" so that the effort to multiply the red ant will not effective.

Preconditions process

Prepare some ex-bottles or plastic boxes for ant hill. Make small hole in it as a place to come in and out of ant. Under the plastic boxes you can place a slim plastic box with water so that it can't spread out the place. Place the seed of the red ant into ex-bottle or plastic box and don't forget prepare small plastic plate to allocate meals and drinks and put it in between ex-bottles or plastic boxes.

Meal and drink

Giving meal and drink for the red ant should be arranged at least within 2-3days for faster multiply mean more ant we have more eggs will be got. The meal of ant could be taken from food ex-kitchen which has high protein such as meat,egg,etc. and the drinks are water with refined


Egg of red ant could be sold easy in the market or to the people who loves chirp birds. High demand to this kind of bird's meal making it become a prospective business in the future.

Let's try and here is to your success!

Kinds of red ant
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Kinds of red ant cultivation in social networking

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Facebook is a free social networking has the mission to stay connected with all people in over the world, share express and to discover what is going on in it. Facebook allows the registered users to create pages, profiles, upload photos or videos and send messages to friends or colleagues you may know and also families.

Facebook gives a lot of advantages not only because it is available for free, Facebook have been also had thousands of visitors and make interest of the breeders to promote their product via a free social networking like this.

The cultivation of the red ant (Oecophylla smaragdina) could be arranged for fun but nowadays it becomes popular in several communities to expand as a source of priority income for their own family.

How do they work
Talking about Facebook as a free social networking you can do several ways to spread your messages, for an example by posting useful information relate topic or creating a fan page. Yes, a fan page has the meaning that everyone who have been joined your page will automatically receive your information.

Imagine if you have thousands of fans who are joining to your page you will have a chance to get more traffic. At this stage creating a fan page which are relevant to your product could be suggested. Looking for a friend and creating groups allows members who have common interests to interact each other are also available, so let's try!


Simplicity blog is described as a personal website that containing of online diary or even for online journalism. Everyone could create it subject to their needs either for personal use or for public consumption. Blog is the place to express your self and share your thoughts to the world what ever you think and do.

Blog could be also described as "Web Log" mean a type of website that arranged in chronological order from the most recent post (or entry) at the top of main page to the older entries towards the bottom.

There are many different reasons why the people want to creating a blog, either just for fun or supporting to their own main website.

In accordance with the efforts promoting kinds of red ant cultivation creating a blog is important to get more traffic.

How does it work?

The blogs contents must relevant and are linked to your main website. For an example you can add a link by placing "anchor text" or images which are related to your targeted "key word" feature you'll have the opportunity of reaching thousands of people every single day.


Just like other social networking pinterest might offers something differences and it is one of the fastest growing website in history due to pinterest hit 13 (thirteen) million users in just few months.

How does it work?

By joining Pinterest the users allows to find and curate photos or videos. It is not just for sharing your own but it is emphasis to discovery other website's contents.

If you have a website you can easily post images to your Pinterest account using the “Pin it” task bar button, or you can browse the Pinterest platform to discover, like, or re-pin content others have already posted. But before you posting images or videos from your site you must have an account. You can pin images or videos from your site as many as you want.

If you have multiple websites with various kind of topics every pin you made your URL will appear in it. It’s captured make interest of so many businesses from graphic designers, photographers,etc. and are using it as a portfolio or product catalog.

If you would like to introduce your product into social networking You can pin the pictures of kinds of red ant cultivation as unique as possible to make interest of the people who following you on pinterest. Other social networking like Google +, Linkedn, etc. are almost the same in order to add more links to your website.

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Educational Backround

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The cultivation kinds of red ant (Oecophylla smaragdina) could be done by anyone else or at least they could read and write due to various kind of methodes are enclosed throughout e-book.

Having "a strong will to succeed" is an asset therefore if you never have formal education you can still do this activity as long as you have self confidence and do the things base on its guidelines.

For an example there are many business people succeed without educational back rounded and/or are graduated from high school but they could succeed because they have strong will and diligent "talk less and do more".

As well as the cultivation kinds of red ant the main point we do how we can do try to multiply of it such as by giving meal and drink regularly as well as to allocate it in the right place just like to its life in the world.

The cultivation kinds of red ant doesn't need much money nonetheless me must do step by step in order what we are purposing to cultivate it will be running well.

At the moment many local farmers try to cultivate kinds of red ant for gardening. They placed the red ant in the garden to protect their plans from disease like caterpillar and/or insect.

By placing kinds of red ant to their garden they believes that it will have a lot of benefits, they don't need to buy chemotherapies with high price, secondly they will get good quality fruits and not to contaminate with various kind of chemotherapies.

You can imagine how they (local farmers) who didn't have formal educational back round or graduate from high school can do the thing with succeed. They do always try and try and finally they found the solution.

Experience is the best teacher might relevant to their activities therefore who ever you are and what ever you are professions you can start the thing activities or business as long as you have "strong will".

If they can succeed how's about you?

If you have enough knowledge and graduated from high school or university that might be value added how you will improve your self for better life existences.

The cultivation kinds of red ant is a simple type of activities and it could be running for a fun, try it from small number kinds of red ant then expand it step by step to be a new prospective business opportunity.

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The breeder

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A village in east Java or it is exactly located in Lamongan district is the centre of kinds of red ant cultivation in Indonesia.

According to a local breeder who work as a farmer he tried to improving kinds of red ant cultivation as a source of his own family's income.

In the begining to run this kind of activity he got many problems because he doesn't have enough knowledges how to cultivate kinds of red ant.

Nonetheless after few months slow but sure it is significant increased. Formerly he cultivates kinds of red ant just for his gardening purpose but high demand to this kind of animals making him to changes his mind as a family's business.

To run the business he was helped by other family's members. He succeed to make a group of breeder where the marketing strategies are oriented from door to door before finally he could spread it out to other islands in Indonesia.

According to his examination high demand to this kind of animal making him at a loss what to do in receiving order. kinds of red ant's egg has been believed as a high quality bird's meal with high protein and nowadays it can't be replaced by any other bird's meals.

Because there are a lot of order while the availability of it is less making its price so expensive. It's sale around IDR150,000 - IDR250,000 per kilogram. In the raining season the price reaching IDR300,000,- per kilogram.

Patience and diligent is his own asset in improving his business and he finally succeed to recruit the people who live in surrounding of his village. With this kind of business he could meet to all his family's needs as well as to help other people to find a job.

From here he expanded his business by multiplying seed kinds of red ant. Many different methodes has been done and finally he found a solution how to multiply the seed of red ant by using ex-bottles and/or plastic boxes.

For marketing purposes he's helped by his friends who are knowledged on IT (Information Technic) service and now it could be also found on internet. Use your internet browser to find it out on internet by typing keyword "Semut Rangrang".

Various kind of methodes regarding cultivation kinds of red ant has been enclosed throughout e-book and it is available for free if you joined his community.

There are something interest we could learn from his activities that everyone could be succeed on business as long as they are not desperate with their own. Always do try your best to improve self confidence, believe it behind the critical situation surely you will have something worth.

Remember, experience if the best teacher therefore loving to every activities we do could be described as an effort to hide our selves from boring.

Do you like this top?

There are many different ways to get business opportunity and the cultivation kinds of red ant (Oecophylla smaragdina) might one of the prospective business opportunity in the future.

Before starting the most important thing to do is by learning the details how they life and how it could be proceed. At this stage you have to appreciate the proceed.

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