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rolling the internet every once in awhile you run into a conspiracy so great you cannot imagine it to be true. I have 3 videos of the top 3 Illuminati Conspiracy Theories that you may or may not have heard of. When talking conspiracies it is always up to the provider to prove the theory with evidence and then the conspiracy turns into reality. Get ready these videos just might turn conspiracy into reality!

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Illuminati and the NWO

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Some say that the Illuminati plan is to set up a NWO (New World Order). Some go even further and say that these elites have been putting hidden messages in movies since the foundation of Hollywood. The idea that Hollywood is a branch of the government is controversial but in reality looks more and more plausible everyday.

In 1990 Bush first declared his new world order to the public via a speech shown in the video below. Not long after that a movie called Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth was released and it was a New World production and a future films film.

The ultimate question would be is Hollywood controlling the masses in order to bring in a new order of the ages like it states on the dollar bill? Subliminal programming is known to have been used by the CIA when the MK Ultra program was exposed in congressional hearings.

When it comes to the NWO and the Illuminati it would seem the conspiracy is as deep as every secret society in every town across the globe. How many people really know the master plan? Only time will tell, we saw at the latest Bilderberg 2015 meeting how they had heightened security so it looks like they are not giving anything up anytime soon. I know this the truth is building up and the dam is about to burst!

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CERN, Portals, and the Man Made Apocalypse!!!

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CERN is a conspiracy that tries the human mind. Many people simply cannot understand what CERN it is let alone tell you it is not a conspiracy to release the biblical beast of the netherworld. I know this the veil is lifting we see more and more UFO's and spirits daily. It would seem that the veil is lifting on our reality. Could the matrix be true are we slaves to some sort of demonic force?

Could man possess the technology to create a simulated Apocalypse? It would appear with ancient weapons like CERN and HAARP that anything is possible. Just look at the California drought it would really appear that HAARP could be holding the moist air away from California. Just ask yourself this, the video proves HARRP can modify the weather so why is there a drought anywhere? Would they not use this technology to end the Californian drought?

CERN could hold the key to the gate to Hell but in the bible Jesus says he holds the key to the bottomless pit. So if you are a Christian you might think there could be something to this theory. Even Christ drove out demons and knew of the ancient fight against demonic forces. The elite have been shown to worship these demonic forces. That is a troubling fact if you think about it, where do these rituals end volcanic sacrifice? The Catholic Church has indicted some bishops in the news lately. Mainstream media covered this as well, perhaps the child sacrifice being exposed is working to shut down these illegal child slavery rings.

In the end of it could be possible that a man made apocalypse could be initiated and now we hear about September 23, 2015 being the Day of Atonement and the final blood moon on the 28th. So 2015 is the year of light and it would appear this year will be a turning point in the history of mankind. The CERN conspiracy is ancient and only time will tell whether our future will be a positive or negative one.

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Transhumanist Political Party and the NWO???

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Yes you heard it right 2015 moving into the future will we see a Transhumanist president in 2016? There have not been any new political parties yet here we are a new political party is emerging; hopefully it will not turn out like Germany's new national socialist party. The video is interesting and basically just ask the question who is Zoltan Istvan? Istvan is a member of the Transhumanist political party and he is their front running for the 2016 presidency. Will he get elected? Will he get mainstream media news coverage? All good questions and will be answered soon enough.

Would the Illuminati and their NWO have something to do with this new "Transhumanism" movement? Some say these elites want to become Gods and they have stated as much. Will they see their dream of the immortality with this Transhumanism movement and their new political party?

This video is very interesting and I would suggest you watch the video on Transhumanism and the party it is one of few online sources for this information. Many questions let history show our struggle and our triumph!

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In the end conspiracy theories are growing yearly. It would seem the U.S government and the secret power structure that runs it get more and more emboldened by the day. America won its independence from Great Britain's bloodline rule in 1776.

They came back in 1812 and finally infiltrated the U.S government from within when Woodrow Wilson sold America out with the 1913 Fed Bank Act. With that the end of the original NWO from the elite bloodline rulers of the past was forgotten.

Time will tell if America is remembered in the history books as the people who continued to fight for freedom, or will the elite bloodlines write us out of history entirely how easy it would be they have been ruling for centuries now...

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