Best Review - Top 3 Humorous - Delightful - and Intriguing: Cat Videos

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These 3 videos are a reminder of what makes cats so special... and, also - just how creative humans can be. "When Cats Pray" This cat is occupied in a prayer, that has a rude awakening. "Cat Shower 2 (Woody Style, very funny and cute)..." This cat is refreshing, in the delightful water-fall. "I Cant Get The Printer To Work.." This cat is perplexed by the 'super-natural-ness' of the printer.
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how do you insert

how do you insert video?

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Simply paste an URL from

Simply paste an URL from YouTube in the URL field of one of the top's items and it will display the video. This works only with links. Same goes for images, but the end of the URL must be .jpg, .png, .gif or .bmp for it to work.