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he Death Penalty continues to be a divisive issue in American Society. No Wonder as Blacks and Hispanics are put to death at the rate of five time more than white Americans.

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Death Penalty: execution by appointment

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One of the factors that makes life bearable for all of us is the uncertainty of the hour of our deaths.

The United States today remains one of the few Western nations to maintain the Death Penalty as a sentencing practice.

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Reasons why the Death Penalty should be abolished

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There are many reasons why the Death Penalty should be abolished- First and foremost let me start out by saying that the Death Penalty or Capital Punishment is an act of Murder.

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Death Penalty: Capital Punishment in America

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The issues raised by the death penalty continue to haunt the American Criminal Justice system. They should be taken seriously, The Death Penalty system in America is seriously flawed and the sentencing practice in my view should be abandoned immediately.

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The Death Penalty should be abolished in the United States. The Cost and the error rate are substantial reasons as to why. Further there is no deterrent effect on murder rates for those states that use the death penalty.

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