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urchasing a GPS for dogs is a great way to keep track of a pet that has a habit of escaping. It's also perfect for the pet owner who enjoys taking long hikes with their dog(s) and doesn't want to worry about him getting lost. The prices of GPS for dogs has decreased lately, while the choices have increased. However, they're certainly not all made alike. Some are pretty fancy with bells and whistles specifically designed for people who go hunting with their dogs. Others require you sign up for a monthly subscription plan. And there are some with a one time purchase fee. You will need to decide what your specific needs are for tracking your pets. They vary widely in how far they can track. I've listed the best GPS for dogs on the market today. No doubt, you may just find yourself very happy you made the investment.

Garmin's Astro GPS for Dogs
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Garmin's Astro GPS for Dogs

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While this is specifically geared towards the hunting crowd, Garmin is a well-known and highly reputable GPS manufacturer. As such, this is a fantastic GPS device for your dog. You can track your dog up to seven miles away, it transmits information about your dog's location up to every five minutes and it's a well-made dependable device.

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Pet Loc8tor

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The Pet Loc8tor is geared more towards the average consumer trying to keep tabs on his or her dog. This GPS for dogs has a super light honing tag and can even be used on a cat. Its tracking range is only between 100 to 600 feet. It allows the pet owner to establish boundaries so that he or she is informed when the pet has escaped. If you can't find your pet, you can just push the "locate" button and you will be guided to your missing pet. The handset is only the size of a credit card, so it's great for people on the go. This one will not work for cats and is only appropriate for dogs over 30 pounds.

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PetSafe GPS Locator

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This is another GPS for dogs that allows you to set a home zone for your pet. It has an excellent battery-life and multiple modes depending upon what your needs are at the time. Its range is unlimited since it uses both GPS as well as cell phone technology. It comes with a very nice, sturdy collar that's water resistant.

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If you plan on investing in a GPS for dogs, you definitely want one that's reputable. Some simply don't perform as well as they claim. Some even have hidden subscription fees. But, getting a reliable GPS for your pet can make the difference between life and death.

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Thank you for enumerating the

Thank you for enumerating the top 4 GPS for dogs. This has helped me gather more information on ideas on what GPS I should get for my dog.