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collection of sweet, silly, funny books about love and romance.

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The Funny Thing About Love Is... by Lynn Chang

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You can't sleep at night but still wake up with a smile. Your heart does flip-flops. You miss your exit going home. Corny love songs start taking on great meaning. For these symptoms, the diagnosis is clear: It's a textbook case of love. And whether it's a new crush or an old flame, love tends to do funny things to people under its influence. Forty of those funny things about the weird, wild, wonderful state of being in love are listed in this adorable little gift book. Illustrated in Lynn Chang's distinctive and popular style, the book reflects the joy and exuberance of being in love. The perfect size to sneak into a special someone's pocket. The Funny Thing About Love Is... will make a fun gift for anyone who's in love

Top 2

Love by Edward Monkton

Best Review 2020

Love is a collection for the romantically minded. It is a warm, thoughtful, and quirky treasury of Edward Monkton's best-selling words of wisdom on the age-old subject of relationships. Readers will fall for Love's stylish line illustrations and romantic philosophies that celebrate those special connections between lovers.
Beautiful, funny, original thoughts, said simply, will make hearts beat faster.

Love is the perfect way to show someone you care. Forget flowers, this is the gift to give to your soul mate.

Top 3

I Like You by Sandol Stoddard Warburg (Author), Jacqueline Chwast (Illustrator)

Best Review 2020

"Here is the book that Romeo would have given Juliet; Charlie Brown would have given Snoopy; and you can give to some very special friend" proclaims the back cover of this small, whimsical book. Written in 1965 by Sandol Stoddard Warburg, it still makes the perfect present for your best friend. Not just any run-of-the-mill best friend, though. This book is for the kind of friend who yells for you when you get lost in Grand Central Station or pretends to save you when you pretend to be drowning. Or, as Warburg puts it, "You know how to be silly / That's why I like you / Boy are you ever silly / I never met anybody sillier than me / till I met you." I Like You is simple and quirky, uses words like "snurkle," and is laden with delightful Maurice Sendak-style pen-and-ink illustrations of alligators dancing, lively children, mirth, and general goofiness. Do you need new answers to the question "How do I like thee?" I Like You is a great help for counting the ways.

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