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t. Louis is an amazing city with a big history, diverse culture, and fantastic entertainment. From beautiful parks to the extraordinary city museum to little Italy on the Hill, this is a place you will never forget. One of the best things about St. Louis, and the reason we pay so much in taxes, by the way, is that we have a huge selection of destinations with free admission! The world-class zoo, the world-class art museum and a science center that consistently rates in the top 5 science centers in America. I love that about St. Louis- it puts it's money where it's mouth is. It promotes education, natural resources, the arts and culture regardless of how much you've got in your pocket!

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St. Louis Art Museum

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It doesn't get more picturesque than Art Hill in St. Lewis. In the summertime, the world famous art museum sits atop a beautiful green hill descending into a reflective pond at the bottom. The bronze statue of King Louis mounted upon his horse sits regally at the top. The limestone exterior of the art museum is reminiscent of classical Greece. This was the main building and entrance to the 1904 World's Fair, and is still as stunning. Inside you will find all of the art that you would expect to find in a world class art museum. Sundays is always "family art day" so bring the kids and come make some art together!

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St. Louis Zoo

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18,000 animals on 90 acres of land in the heart of St. Louis' famed Forest Park. This is a spectacular, world-famous zoo that is something you should not miss. My favorite part is the Penquin House.

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St Louis Science Center

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This place makes learning and discovery fun for everybody in the family. This year showcased the amazing Da Vinci inventions and then the innerworkings of "Star Treck ". Really wonderful, interactive activities and exhibits. Also features an IMAX theatre, food court, walkway over the 64/40 interstate, and many other interesting attractions. This museum consistently rates in the top 5 science centers in the United States. Well worth a visit!

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Visit a great city, have a wonderful, memorable vacation, and do it for close to nothing planning your fun around state of the art exhibits and entertainment! To learn more about Forest Park and see pictures, click here-
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