Best Review - Top 3 Free Pumpkin Clip Art Websites


f you are working on an online or offline Halloween project, then pumpkin clip art will come in very handy! You can use the clip art on websites or e-cards, or print them out to use them for decorations and party invitations. There are many websites that offer the clip art for free, and only ask for little in return. Here are a few of the free pumpkin clip art websites you should consider checking out and adding to your bookmarks!

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School Clip Art - Pumpkin Clipart Images.

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This website offers pumpkin clip art with silly faces and fellow friends! The clip art comes in both black and white and colored graphics. Included on this website are directions for saving the clip art.

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Webweaver's Free Clip Art - Free Pumpkin Clipart - Jack-o-Lanterns for Halloween.

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This website offers pumpkins that are dressed up, with friends and making various faces! The pumpkins are colorful, with most being in the color orange. This website asks that you do not direct link to the clip art, but does provide directions to saving the graphics to your computer or laptop.

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Free Jack-o-Lantern Pumpkin Halloween Clip Art.

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The pumpkin clip art on this website are in black and white, but there are three pages to choose from! The pumpkins come with various faces, from happy to shocked! Included on this website are directions for saving the clip art.

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These free pumpkin clip art websites will let you use the graphics at no cost, but may ask you to link to their website and not directly link to the graphics. You should always check the website's terms of use to make sure you do not break any rules. When you find the clip art you want to use, save them and use them for your Halloween projects! Have fun using the pumpkin clip art and Happy Halloween!

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