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Free classified advertising is available all over the world in many forms. The traditional paper form is still alive and well but the online format offers many more opportunities. Use of digital photography makes the process even easier and as we know a picture paints a thousand words! Online advertising websites are everywhere - but what sites are the best, what work and will a new website make an impact? All Sorts Of Stuff A new classified advertising website. Global reach, multiple filtering options and a pretty good looking site to use. Not a conventional list. Craigslist Massive classified advertising site with a global reach but operates on a local level. Functional but not nice to look at. Gumtree Localised classified advertising site, with a recent update so it looks a lot better than it did. Also provides a global reach but operates at a local/country level Exchange & Mart A derivative of the newspaper format and a well known classified advertising product that serves just the UK market. Adverts are not free and their focus is primarily cars and trucks but offer a wide range of categories.
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Good info. I haven't used

Good info. I haven't used much classified advertising, but it's something I should probably investigate further.

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The trouble is there are

The trouble is there are literally millions of classified sites out there. Pinning down the right one for you isn't as easy as it should be. is my site and it's my attempt to cure all the ills that I have experienced in the past....but until I get enough users I wont know if I've done it well enough.

Time will tell!

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It has made me thought of

It has made me thought of what next level of marketing in this sector... but i think everyone must see it once..