Best Review - Top 3 Facts About The 2012 Controversial Iowa Caucuses


et many tell it, it all starts in Iowa...And apparently is has, the ballot counting controversy for this Presidential Election has just about kicked into full swing, watch the video below for the gory details...Residents of Iowa are historically the voters that set the tone for the Presidential nomination...Although the Iowa Caucuses have nominees for both parties listed on the ballot, the sitting President typically wins the nomination for his party uncontested, therefore President Barack Obama won the Iowa Democratic caucus this year...As for the Iowa Republican caucus, although there were a lot of strong contenders leading up to the caucus, Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney were at the head of the pack...Democrat vs Republican, what are the differences between them?...

Design for Democracy: Ballot and Election Design..2012 Iowa Caucuses Controversy
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When were the 2012 Iowa Caucuses?

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 was when The Iowa Caucuses were held this year...The certified vote count is official should be out by January 17, 2012...

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Where were the 2012 Iowa Caucuses?

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Instead of Iowans going to polls to place their vote, they meet at a designated location in each of the 1,774 precincts, where a debate is followed by a voting process...

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Who won the 2012 Iowa Caucuses?

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There were seven candidates vying for the Republican nominations in the Iowa Caucuses... They are Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, Rick Perry and Jon Huntsman...Well as it turns out, there may have been a typo in the early tallying of the Republican nomination votes...Although Romney has been reported as the winner, apparently Santorum may have actually won, if the Appanoose County caucus' reported count is the only one that may be wrong...Edward True was counting ballots at the Appanoose County caucus and scribbled the results on a piece of paper to later post on his Facebook page...When he checked his numbers against the ones reported by the Iowa Republican Caucus for Appanoose County, the numbers did not match up...True's total was 53, while 79 were being reported...The biggest discrepancy was in the number of votes they were reporting for Mitt Romney...According to True, Romney received only two votes, while 22 votes were reported somewhat officially...The certified vote count will happen within 14 days of the caucuses...So we should know who really won Iowa by January 17th...

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Following the Iowa Caucuses, the top 3 contenders for the Republican nomination in order are Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum and Ron Paul...Although Romney apparently won in Iowa (if the ballot count typo controversy gets swept under the rug),with the margin over Santorum that is so slim, 8 votes out of a total of 122k+ total uncertified votes cast, that it's a tough race to call at this point...We will have to wait until November to how it all pans out...

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