Best Review - Top 3 Energy Efficient Desk Lamps

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Energy efficient LED desk lamps are becoming more and more popular as energy costs rise. Find out the top choices for energy efficient desk lamps. Create your own "Top" list. Click the big green button on the right. Grandrich 1.2W LED Desk Lamp This is the smallest energy efficient desk lamp of the bunch. Energy Star certified with a 37-watt bulb that simulates natural sun light. Z-Bar Mini High Power LED Desk Lamp A smaller version of the Z-Bar listed here. A stylish and modern energy efficient desk top lamp. It's compact size makes it ideal for space-limited work areas. 7.2 watts powers 40 LEDs instead of the 66 provided by its big brother. A 40,000 hour lifespan. Sonneman Libra 1650.55 Desk Lamp A simple, two pivot light with an elongated neck that provides 280 lumens through LED's. An adjustable brightness control allows for versatile lighting for whatever your environment.
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