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ello again, and thanks for reading! As Christmas is around the corner, and I have a 12 year old to think of, I have been surfing for ideas that will work together with the technology I have at my disposal. There are so many new gadgets to consider out there, most of which are costing an arm and a leg, but then there are places such as Humble Bundle, you make the price of your purchase and a charity will gain, that to me is the spirit of Christmas. I trust you find these categories insightful, and wish you only the best wishes.

Be sure to check out Humble Bundle, where everybody becomes a winner in gaming!
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A tad of appreciation for the Snow Leopard

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Having a Mac just adds so much flow to writing, working with photographs and video editing, as the old cliché says 'one you've gone Mac, you'll never want to go back'. This is thanks to OS X, a system designed to be intuitive, and therefore even someone like me that is not advanced in technology, finds it easy to use.

Mac however, is not compatible with all the Windows 8.1, or Windows 7, or many Windows features for that matter, which many find limiting, nevertheless Mac offers an incredible collection of applications to use, thereby making the need for Windows rather superfluous. With the release of Apple iCloud, the interconnectivity of the iPad, iPod, or the latest iPad air, or iPhone 5s has never been easier in allowing all your gadgets to work effortlessly together.

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To game or not to game, Xbox One vs PS4. . .

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Xbox One offers Kinect Real Vision technology, which dramatically expands its field of view for greater line of sight. The new Infrared camera allows it to see in the dark, and as it uses advanced 3D geometry, it even tells if you are standing off balance. Best play only when sober!

Kinect Real Motion technology tracks the slightest gestures; hence, the simplest squeeze of hand results in precise control, whether seated or standing. Kinect Real Voice technology focuses on sounds that matter, thereby isolating your voice even in a crowded room, and allowing your voice to launch any Xbox One experience from anywhere in the system. However, the Kinect Voice functionality is yet to become available in all countries.

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Humble Bundle, you make the price and a charity gains

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As I have been roaming around computers and electronics, I have found the prices of all these gadgets and thingamajigs to be well over my price range, eek. Nevertheless, I have also stumbled onto something that may well serve a dual purpose. The Humble WB Games Bundle consists of a six action-packed games of the publisher's top titles to add to one's collection. What makes Humble Bundle so unique is that you get to choose the price you wish to pay.Indeed, this is not a printing error, if these games were to be purchased separately, it would most likely cost over $120, but indeed, Humble Bundle allows one to name the price. Rather surreal, I would say.

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