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ou can find electronic toys for different age groups. This ranges from birth all the way up to seven years old (or even older). When you think of electronic toys, you may think of video games and iPods. But there are many electronic toys that help children to learn about different subjects (such as music, animals, reading, and math), as well as helping them to explore a little and develop their many skills (such as hand-eye coordination and thinking skills). Here are a few electronic toys for different age groups to consider for your little one.

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Electronic Toys for Ages Birth to 24 Months.

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Electronic toys for babies between the ages of birth to 24 months old will help them to discover, develop their many skills, and stimulate visualization. As they grow, they may learn more about music, animals, and the alphabet. The LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table has 40 songs and instrument sounds, activities such as rolling and spinning objects on the table, and twinkling lights. Babies and children can play with the LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set on the refrigerator or floor. When your child matches two pieces together, it will say the animal's name. If your child mismatches the pieces, it will give it a silly name! The LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo toy will play the alphabet song, sound out the letters, and even teach children about animals.

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Electronic Toys for Ages 2 to 4 Years Old.

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Electronic toys for children between the ages of 2 and 4 years old will help them to improve and enhance their skills, learn about different subjects (from writing to animals). The LeapFrog Scribble and Write allows children to trace dotted letters using a stylus. In addition to practicing their letters, they can practice their drawing as well. The LeapFrog Fridge Farm Magnetic Animal Set allows children to learn a bit about spelling, reading, and animals. When your child matches two pieces together, it will say the animal's name. If your child mismatches the pieces, it will give it a silly name! Children can play and learn on their own laptop with the Vtech Tote and Go Laptop. It includes over 30 games and activities, screen, a detachable mouse, and a mouse pad.

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Electronics Toys for Children Ages 5 to 7 Years Old.

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Children by the age range of 5 to 7 years old have developed different skills (such as thinking skills) and learned different subjects (such as the alphabet and counting). But there are electronic toys that will help them to further develop these skills and learn more! The Zhu Zhu Pets Hamster Toy Jilly may not teach the traditional school subjects, but this moving little hamster toy will give children an idea of what it's like to own a small pet. The Leap Frog Leapster2 Learning Game System includes over 30 games and activities on different learning subjects, such as reading and math. ThinkFun Zingo is a game that is similar to Bingo. It teaches children how to identify vocabulary and pictures, while also helping to improve their memory.

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This list is only a few of the many electronic toys for different age groups. What toy you pick out will depend on your child's age group and developmental stage. You can get your little one a new electronic toy for holidays, birthdays, other special occasions, after school learning, home schooling, or just for play time. When your child plays with the electronic toy you (or they) choose, you can take comfort in knowing your little one is learning as they play!

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