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ow Can Exchange EDB files can be moved to Outlook PST efficiently without losing any data? This is the most asked question by users. To achieve this goal one should know the correct method to export Exchange Database Files (EDB) to Outlook. There are two solutions to move EDB to PST manually or automatic. Manual methods include using Exmerge and Powershell while Automatic Method involves EDB to PST converter. So, these are the Top 3 ways to move Exchange EDB files to Outlook
EDB to PST Converter
Moving Files with Exmerge
Using Powershell to Move Files
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Convert Exchange EDB to Outlook PST
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EDB to PST Converter

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Out of the three this is the best method to export EDB files in PST format. The EDB to PST converter promises that all the files get transferred to Outlook without data loss. Moreover, it takes complete care of users so that they do not get disturbed during the conversion process. The EDB to PST converter supports conversion in both online and offline mode, also it can move files without dismounting database.

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Move EDB Files to PST with Exmerge

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Exmerge.exe is a tool from Microsoft that is available for free. if the EDB file is of low size and you want to move to Outlook, then this is the best option. Exmerge, extracts the messages, contacts, calendar, attachments from server-based mailbox into personal folders. It extracts the data from EDB file and moves it to new PST file.

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Export Exchange Mailbox with Powershell

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This method allows users to move entire EDB file to PST format with a single command, however, it requires certain permissions like access rights to the server, location of both EDB file and PST file. if all these conditions are met run the command in PowerShell and the EDB files will move to PST file. There are also options to customise files on the basis of Date, items to move and check the status of conversion progress

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All these three methods are used by Database Administrator's (DBA) to move Exchange user mailbox to Outlook. If correctly followed the files get transferred to Outlook efficiently without any error and with complete data integrity.

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