Best Review - Top 3 Dream Cars for 'village pedestrian'. Escalade? Stingray? Impala?


iving on the far northern border of a tiny village along the National N2 Highway in South Africa, I do not really get to see much traffic, maybe three cars might drive past our house in a day at they travel a rather desolate gravel road. So there is definitely no chance of seeing the latest vehicles being released. Therefore, as a motor enthusiast with no vehicle, I have decided to find my ultimate dream car. By taking into consideration my childhood memories, culture and family orientation versus the diversity of South African roads and landscapes, I have narrowed my choices down to three ultimate vehicles, and came up with the 'Sancheo Dream Car'.

Our 'Little Village' farm roads can really put a vehicle through the tests.
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My 'village girl' ideas on the Chevrolet Impala Family Sedan

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Undoubtedly, the Chevrolet Impala does appeal to the 'family' idea within me. Chevrolet does bring back so many childhood memories, recollections of my being a part of the South African culture, one which begins with family and friends. As children we would find great pleasure in annoying our parents with the James Taylor classic, 'Ag please Daddy won't you take us off to Durban, it's only eight hours in the Chevrolet'. Throughout the years the Chevrolet has remained popular and is most definitely considered a South African 'household brand',

Impala as a name originates from isiZulu, meaning 'gazelle', and refers to Aepyceros melampus, which I do admit does appeal to me too. It almost adds to the biblical approach, 'The unclean and the clean may eat of it, as of the gazelle and as of the deer'. Deuteronomy 12:15.

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Hold on, I have no husband! Who needs a family car? I vote Corvette Stingray!

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Well, as there is no "Mr Ideal", nor do I live in Suburbia, so I do not really see the point of having a family car. However, I do live under 5km from the N2 National Road, so I guess the incredible, lightweight, completely redesigned 2014 Corvette Stingray, would appeal to me when journeying three hours to Cape Town. It is immaculate!

The 2014 Corvette Stingray has been unveiled in Detroit Michigan, and is quoted by Chevrolet as, 'Throwing off the constraints of tradition, our world-class engineers started over from scratch to build a revolutionary lightweight vehicle with the aesthetic impact and the performance prowess worthy of the Stingray emblem'.

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The ultimate Sancheo dream car? Undoubtedly, the 2015 Escalade!

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As a keen outdoor adventurer, I would in all honesty say that given an opportunity, I believe this could well be an ultimate vehicle, which one could use as an all purpose vehicle, the soon to be released 2015 Escalade.

Albeit GM has been quoted on having said that the Cadillac image was too refined to ever have a big, truck-based SUV, the 2015 Escalade is due next year. This stylish masterpiece of art on wheels was unveiled in New York, although the pricing and fuel-economy of this General Motors luxury brand is yet to be released.

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