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We all start somewhere! even me.. my 1st time investing at 16. I lost money on cocophillips... But what a lesson learnt. I had the wrong mindset, the wrong attitude. I wasn't thinking long term and power that dividends and compounding returns could have. Now I do!! These 3 stocks are perfect starter dividend stocks for new investors - they are relatively stable companies with sustainable competitive advantages and even have room for growth. These are the types of companies you buy and hold forever. However these are the only 3 of many options you have! It's all upto you. Always do your best research and stay hungry for those dividends. REALTY INCOME 1) Ticker Symbol :- 0 2) Price/share :- $68.66 3) Dividend Payouts :- Monthly 4) Dividend per share :- $0.226 5) Annual dividend :- $2.712 WALMART 1) Ticker Symbol :- WMT 2) Price/share :- $96.71 3) Dividend Payouts :- Quarterly 4) Dividend per share :- $ 0.52 5) Annual dividend :- $ 2.08 WELLS FERGO 1) Ticker Symbol :- WFC 2) Price/share :- $49.85 3) Dividend Payouts :- Quarterly 4) Dividend per share :- $0.45 5) Annual dividend :- $ 1.89
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