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sing a diet regime and an exercise program in tandem is the best formula for weight loss. Read more about this in these three articles.We all want ways ro get fit and healthy.Reading tips on how to do so can motivate us to acieve these goals more easily and in an enjoyable manner.So before you get your running shoes on,have a look at these articles for some information and ideas on how to go about achieving your goals.

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Eat well and exercise

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The purpose of exercise is first and foremost to keep healthy and to have a good quality of life. Good eating habits are necessary also for the activities of daily living and to take part in an exercise regime. Eating patterns before and after taking exercise are essential for getting the balance right between the two.too much food and we will feel sluggish;too little food and we will be unable to exercise to the best of our ability.It is merely a question of balance and getting things in the right order.

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Weight loss the healthy way

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n 1999,it was calculated that nearly 110 million Americans were overweight. This rise in the levels of obesity is also common to European countries and is predicted to become an epidemic in the next ten years.Therrefore,it is paramount that we lose any excess weight we have or do what we can to avoid putting on those extra pounds in the first place.

Improving awareness of the risks of obesity is one way of tackling this problem. Carrying excess weight increases one’s risk of stroke or heart attack. It also causes high blood pressure and cancer as well as being a risk factor in the development of diabetes and arthritis.

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Fitness and weight loss

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A balanced diet and a healthy fitness regime are two essential elements when it comes to having a healthy lifespan. They are both different elements of a good lifestyle. For example, someone could eat very well but have very limited fitness or one could be very physically fit without having a healthy diet.
It is necessary to balance the two so that thety complement each other well.

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So now when you have read how to get fit and healthy put these ideas into practice in your new lifestyle regime.You will soon feel the benefits and reap the rewards of a healthier lifestyle.

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james's picture

I'm on such a goal right now,

I'm on such a goal right now, I started (again) in june, but yes I'm using the scale to track my progress, I know it is not accurate, etc.. But it is more than enough at the moment, because for sure a correct weight should be way below my actual one, so at least until I reach that goal, the weight scale progress is an efficient one.
I recommend the android app called Libra, it is simple to enter your weight and the graph and stats it produces are very well done, also there's a goal reaching estimate, and that's an added motivation.
I recommend that if you have 10 or more kilos to lose, don't set your goal at that, but set a first goal to lose 5 kilos, then track your progress and when you reach it, set your goal to lose 5 more kilos. It's better that way so that the goal reaching date is not too far in the future. Make your goal "easily" reachable by little increments, rather than a goal too ambitious and never reach it.