Best Review - Top 3 Credit Cards problems and hazards

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There is no doubt that Credit cards removed the hassle of carrying huge amount of money in the market and hence lowered the risk of losing money at gun point. But on the other hand it took away the happiness and joy from the life of many people. May be credit card hazards are few but its consequences are long term and its effects are felt for years to come. Hazards of Credit Cards Although I knew the hazards of credit card but even then I have been trapped and took many years to pay back not only the principle amount but huge amount of interest. Menace of Credit Cards When a salesperson from credit card department meet you, he list down lots of benefits of credit cards. In the beginning, it was considered status symbol. But later on it becomes the norms and mode of payment for everybody. Hazards of Credit Cards It's all one's own responsibility to read all the clauses and rules of the company. I have seen many defaulters who when approach banks' representative and complained about hidden costs.
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