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opper bullion is an up and coming collector item in some ways, yet copper has been a monetary metal for thousands of years (all of recorded history). Copper bullion comes in copper bar form, in copper rounds, and in government issued coin form. These articles explore what copper bullion is and why you might want to own some copper bullion.

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Copper Bullion

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This article explores copper bullion collection as an art appreciation exercise.

Top 2

Why Collect Copper Bullion

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Learn why you might want to collect pure copper or copper coins.

Top 3

Copper Cave Review

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Learn about the Copper Cave, an online copper bullion dealer that brings together many types of copper for collectors to browse in one place

Top 4

Copper Bullion Producer

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An interview with Copper bullion producer Market Harmony

Top 5

Copper Bars

Information at on investing in Copper Bars.

Top 6

Silver and Copper Bullion

More about how people search for copper bullion.

Top 7

How to Get Copper Bullion at a Discount

A discussion of buying copper bullion at a discount to actual intrinsic value on ehow.

Top 8

Antibacterial and Antigerm properties of Copper

Copper bullion can be healthy for you. Handling copper is healthy for you in ways you might not expect.

Top 9

Why Collect Copper Bullion

Another short article on copper as an investment and inflation hedge.

Top 10

Where to buy Copper bars

This online dealer has the best selection of copper bars for collectors.

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Hopefully you found these articles to be enlightening. Grab some copper bullion today if you are interested in copper investing.

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Pukeko's picture

Interesting. I had never

Interesting. I had never really thought about bullion before last night when my neighbour brought it up. But he was talking about gold. I will have to look into some of these articles on copper bullion.