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id you know that you can make extra money on your iPhone and Droid Phone?

If you are like me, then your iPhone is never far from your hand. Sadly, I admit that it is the last thing that I see at night and the first thing I grab as soon as my eyes are open. Now, in my defense, it serves as my alarm clock which validates both of these confessions.

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Must have app for iPhone and Droid

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However, there are many apps that I use to make a little extra money here and there. One of them is Checkpoints. It is an App that you use to "check in" at various retailers and restaurants and accrue points for doing so. Then, at many of the bigger establishments, there are a list of items (Some products are more specific than others i.e. any People Magazine, any Belkin product, specific movies, Tyson Grilled chicken strips, etc.) that you can find and scan the UPC code with your phone for more points. Every 300 points can be cashed in for a $1.00 gift card code to Amazon or CVS. You need to have a phone with scanning capabilities to do so.

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Get rewards for scanning

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COLLECT POINTS: Use CheckPoints on your iPhone in 1,000,000+ stores to scan barcodes on featured products and collect. Check out the "Anywhere" section for opportunities when you're not in a store.

GET REWARDED: Redeem your points for fabulous rewards like iTunes and Gift Cards, Delta and Alaska airline miles, cool gadgets - even donations to charity!

WIN BIG: Look for opportunities to collect coins and use them in our bonus games. Play our Paradise Slots to win up to 150,000 points instantly!

Download CheckPoints on your iPhone and Droid and reward yourself today!

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Shopkick Cheat Scans

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Get exclusive deals: Discover and unlock awesome deals in the shopkick app at dozens of national stores, many of them are exclusively offered to shopkick users only.

Collect scan rewards: Collect additional kicks rewards by scanning barcodes of featured products with your phone at 250,000 stores across the United States.

Redeem your kicks for rewards! Get cool rewards like iTunes gift cards, restaurant vouchers, Best Buy/Target/Macy's/American Eagle/Sports Authority instant gift cards, Facebook Credits, movie tickets, or if you go all out, a 3D 55" Sony Bravia HDTV or a cruise around the world! And if you want to change the world, donate your kicks to 30 different causes!

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