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If you have an imaginative little boy at home who loves pretending that he's a pirate then a cardboard pirate ship would be great for creative play. You can either make one, using a left over box, like a discarded refrigerator box. Or you can buy a cardboard pirate ship, as well as other variations of cardboard playhouses, like a cardboard castle or a cardboard playhouse that's more like a clubhouse. A cardboard pirate ship can provide hours of fun for your little tyke. Ahoy Matte! Cardboard Pirate Ship If you are looking to save yourself some time and energy, you can buy a cardboard pirate ship online here. This is where you can buy the cardboard pirate ship that's featured in the picture above. Homemade Cardboard Pirate Ship This is a great example of a homemade cardboard pirate ship. Watch this video. Cardboard Noah's Ark Costume This isn't a pirate ship, but a homemade Noah's Ark costume that I made for my son for a biblical character costume party. Step by Step instructions and photos included.
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