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o you use wordpress? Then why not find out more about the top 3 wordpress plugins

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Sexy Bookmarks

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This wordpress plugin allow you to automatically place social bookmarks above or below your posts (Or both). You can select from a vast range of common bookmarks to display on your site. In addition it seems in the latest ranking that google is liking sites that have these buttons as it displays social interaction. You can also add facebook 'like' and send buttons as well as google +1 and twitter icons. Very easy wordpress plugin to use.

Top 2

Onlywire Autoposter

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For those of you that use social media to promote your sites then this is a must have wordpress plugin as it allows you to share your posts content with upto 20 social networks. And once you have setup your onlywire account then it does this automatically each time you post, so no more logging onto facebook and then twitter and then digg etc. to post your content. It does all this for you automatically after you post! Probably the best wordpress plugin in years, as it builds traffic and backlinks on autopilot

Top 3

Wordpress SEO

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This is to my mind better than the all-in-one-SEO wordpress plugin, it allows you to enter keywords, titles and descriptions in much the same way as you would add to a normal web page. In addition it automatically creates xml sitemaps for you and submits them to the search engines. This really does help with wordpress SEO

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