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ere is a fantastic recomendation: Wix designs are for free, everyone can use them without any knowledge of coding or tools. Just load it into your pc and start editing to make it your own. Even as a web developer I like this game because it works fast. Sometimes a couple of changes in the layout, but even this isn't nescessary. Just do it and start your own set of websites like I did. One per subject as many as you want...

photography flash site
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The female body already inspired me when I was a kid, but the first nude who actually posed for me was a girlfriend. I was just a teenager, 15 years old when she stretched naked on my parents’ bed, of course during a time I was alone at home. A couple of clumsy drawings, but we thought they looked quit well. As a student there were the models at the academy, and during my whole life I asked women to pose, whether or not I was in a relationship with her. When I lived in Amsterdam we had a small class together with colleague artists, from who most were females. Every Friday we had a model, often the same girl, but not always. We paid her a small amount, for us to study and sketch.

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The first time I saw something I had written published – as so many – was in the school paper, but I was also active in youth organizations and it was here that my real writing began; as an editor but also pre-mature poems.
Later I published in local papers: articles about art mainly. In the eighties I got my chances and published my first column in a national paper. More followed. I also started to send poems to contests and some of them were elected. My first published story was thanks to a contest as well and in fact never was one rejected. That was from 1987 till somewhere in the mid-nineties when I moved abroad again, and still I saw some of my work published: in English this time.
It took till 2006 before I started my first novel which was published last year (2011). It is hard to find a decent publisher, especially in a small language area like Dutch.
This site is about visual material; the silent witnesses of me as a writer. Photos and illustrations which I created to enlighten my writing work.

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Is a favorite subject in all my art work. The first photo you find inhere dates already back from 1970, my first camera – the old one of my father to be exact. I use photography to document my creations but also as an independent art-attribute. My models are often people in my direct surroundings, who I know, without posing, as a natural shot, and even better: without them knowing that I take their picture. But of course I do portraits as well.

I was had (and have) pets myself, though photographing animals became a kind of second nature. They are not always as easy as humans before the lens, and sometimes you have to shoot a whole series, just to have a couple of good ones. The latest ones are all taken in Spain, however there are only a few after 2005, the year Tara the Scottish collie died. Hani followed a bit over a year later. Today I have two young kittens, playful and quit photogenic.

Environmental art and installations was where I experimented with in the eighties and early nineties. To photograph my surroundings was and is a logical evolvement. Not only nature, but also human culture has a lot of subjects to offer. Besides nature I’m mainly interested in architecture, the strong lines and shapes of classical buildings, the same lines and shapes also nature has to offer. This site is just about a few examples of what I managed to rescue moving back from Spain to the Netherlands.

Art & news
It started with documenting my art-work which grew to an independent manner of making photographs. The last two pictures are taken in Benalmadena (Spain), the day when the water purification installation caught fire. Especially installations I created were a way to experience a whole new expression by photographing them. It forced me to look for the details in stead of a complete overview by watching them. The same counts for journalistic photos where the strength lays in its detail.

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