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f you want to be a writer then you need to start learning to be one, I also recommend you just start writing and see what you are able to do. This way after you learn a few things you can go back over what you first wrote to see how you have improved. Learn about being a writer and what is required to be good at it, when an experienced person gives you advice you should listen and see how it applies to you.

Do not take this the wrong way, I do suggest you start learning to write as you go. I know getting started helped me because then I could see how what I was learning made me better at certain things. Get started and learn all you can as you go.

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Grammar & Spelling

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Use good grammar and spelling to say what you mean, if you can not spell then people are less likely to follow your advice or read anything you wrote. Grammar is important when making a point and the wrong use of a word can change the whole point you are trying to make. You can know everything there is about a particular subject but if you can not spell or sound like you are ignorant it will not matter because people will assume you are not worth listening to.

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Know Your Subject

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Know about the subject or do enough research so you can get your point across, when you are speaking about something you are familiar with it will show in your work. Someone will take your advice or follow you better if they see you know what you are talking about, the thing is to show you are an authority in the subject.
I know myself that I will listen to the person that demonstrates the most knowledge or experience on what I am looking at or reading about. When you get your point across in a professional way you show you know the subject well and are the person to listen to, I will take your advice and even be willing to seek you out for future advice.

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Layout & Design

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Know how you are going to lay out the article, get all your research together and in terms of importance. By having an outline you can get a better understanding of how the article will come together, this can give you ideas about how it should be put together to express what you are trying to say in the best possible way.

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I do my work in sections and by knowing what the next section will be I can better lay it out to fit. Break it down into subject, topics, points, points of interests, and every part of it. This also helps top do keyword research about your sections.

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Sometimes you will get a period when you do not know what to write about or you do not know the best way to express what you want to say. This can be called writer's block and it happens to everyone, do not let it discourage you and most importantly do not let it make you consider quitting. How you handle this is up to you, many people will take a break or start something else. The time gives you a chance to think and come up with different ideas, however you decide to handle it you can still try other ways because you may find one that works better for you.
One that works for me and this may sound funny is that I like to exercise, I work out hard and get up a good sweat. I think better during and after a hard work out, I have no reason for this other then it relaxes me.

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