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lu and post nasal drop is most irritating viral disease cause irritation in throat and nose. This can be viral or bacterial or due to both. Mucosa is accumulated and continue to drop in throat cause dryness it also pose difficulties in breathing. Although vaccination is available in the market but access to vaccination is limited especially in developing areas and distant areas. Use of herbal treatment is most effective to tackle this issues. As bio active compounds present in the herbals can fight pathogens and are health promoting.

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Use of Grams and Fennel seeds

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Take 500 g roasted grams and mix it with 125 g roasted Fennel seeds. crush the both in blender and store them in the glass jar. you can take one tables spoon two times daily. You can roast raw grams and fennel seed on hotplate at hone

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Use of Cardamom, Cinnamon, fennel seeds, black pepper

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Take 200 milk, add 3 black pepper, 15 seed fennel, 3 Cardamom, add half inch Cinnamon piece, boil them at high flame. drink at night and do not eat after this. you will feel relief even after 1 day.

Top 3

Use of Honey and lemon

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Take one table spoon pure honey add half table spoon of fresh past of ginger and take early in morning. this is also helpful in sour throat.

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