Best Review - Top 3 Best Toys: Toy Story Buzz Lightyear and R/C Helicopters


ome of my favorite toys: First, my Buzz Lightyear collection with lots of Buzz suggestions for Christmas, then the new Movie Replica Quality Buzz Lightyear toys, and last but far from least, my Remote Controlled Helicopters!

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Disney's Toy Story: Buzz Lightyear of Star Command… Space Ranger!

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My Buzz Lightyear Toy Story Collection: A huge collection of cool Buzz Lightyear toys, and great gift ideas. I've collected since the first movie came out, and have a wonderful variety. If you like Toy Story, if you think Buzz Lightyear is the coolest toy ever, check out my site!

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Toy Story Collection - Buzz Lightyear Film Replica with Utility Belt

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Now we're getting specific... This Buzz LIghtyear is from the new Movie Replica line. A higher quality line-up of Buzz that is designed directly from Pixar's digital data files. As true to the movie as possible, these Buzz Lightyears feature superb craftmanship, excellent artwork, and best of all... Proper Wings! No longer short, stubby, and unblinking, these wings are long, sleek, aerodynamic, and have alternating blinking led's on each wingtip!!

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RC Helicopter Under $40 - Air Hogs Red Sharp Shooter Ch B

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Here we're changing pace a bit. Another major hobby of mine is R/C Helicopters. I have several, and love flying them around indoors. If you're looking for a gift on a budget, but want it to be remembered and treasured, this is a great solution! Read all about Air Hog's latest, the Red Canopy Sharp Shooter that actually fires missiles!

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For birthdays, Christmas, or just because, here are some great gift ideas for those of us who are still children... and those of us who still remember HOW to be children!

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