Best Review - Top 3 Best Late Night Chinese Restaurants on the Spadina in GTA

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Where are the best places to get your hands on late night Chinese food while traversing the Spadina? Spadina is known for its multitude of Chinese food stores and most if not all are open till the wee hours of the morning. Want to know where the three best late night chinese food restaurants are ... Read on ... Taste of China A huge menu with a multitude of options .. once you decide what to decorate your tongue with ... the service will be prompt. The restaurant is open Sunday through Thursday till 4am, and on Friday and Saturday, they are open till 5am. Kom Jug Yuen The BBQ pork is to die for, and is a must order, if you can get in the door of this restaurant, it is incredibly popular. Old school Chinese food at its finest. Open 6 days a week, till 1am ... closed Sunday. Lee Garden This restaurant, while a tad pricey than the other restaurants around, has been around for decades and have finely tuned their food for their customers.
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