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hat is the best keyword research tool for 2012? There are a number of keyword research tools on the market to help you decide which words and phrases to use for your topic so you can get the most amount of website traffic from the search engines. These keyword research tools not only tell you the traffic stats, which you can get for free from the Google Adwords Keyword Research Tool, but they also give you great insight into the competition from other websites. The competition is a big factor on whether you will be able to get ranked on the first page of Google for your chosen keyword phrase because if you can't land on page 1 you won't get much traffic for that word or phrase.

Many people wrongly think that the "competition" column in the free Google Keyword Research Tool is telling them the competition from other websites, and that a low score is good and means there's room in the market for them to squeeze in. But this is WRONG. The competition column from Google is specifically talking about Google Adwords advertisers. A low score means there's not many Google Adwords advertisers competing for that keyword, so the price of the CPC on that keyword is probably low. If the competition is high, then there are a lot of Google Adwords advertisers for this keyword, and the CPC is probably pretty high. This has nothing to do with how many other websites are out there ranked in the Google search engine results for this keyword phrase. Nor does it give you an indication of the strength of those competing websites and whether you stand any chance of making it onto page 1 of Google.

This is precisely why many online business professionals use a keyword research tool, even if it costs them a one-time fee or a monthly subscription. The keyword research tool tells them specifics about their competitors like how many backlinks each website listed on page one of Google has. Or how many years their domain has been around. And how many .edu websites link to their website. These are all factors on the strength of the competition. If you use the keyword research tool and see that all the results on the first page of Google are from domains that are 13 years old, with 1,500,000+ pages indexed, and 50,000 backlinks, then you know that your 1 year old blog doesn't stand a chance on ranking for this keyword. So you should find another keyword to target.

Best Keyword Research Tool 2012
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Market Samurai

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The reason I'm putting this one as #1 is because it's an extremely comprehensive SEO keyword research tool, and the best part is that the keyword research part of it is FREE. You can do a free trial that gives you access to the keyword research part of Market Samurai, and after your trial if up, you can upgrade to the full version of the software, or continue using only the free keyword part. In the full version you'll be able to access more information including SEO information on your competition, the first 10 results in Google search. This competition data will tell you specifics about each of the top 10 results including: domain age, page rank, index count, number of referring domains to the domain, number of referring domains to the exact page, number of backlinks to the page, number of backlinks to the domain, number of backlinks from .edu and .gov websites, whether its listed in the DMOZ diretory, whether its listed in the Yahoo directory, and if the specific keyword is listed in the page's url, title, description, and tags, and also when was the last time it was crawled by Google.

All of these factors are very important in how websites are ranking in the Google search results. Market Samurai color coded all this data into green, yellow, or red. You can visually see if a keyword has too much competition, as indicated by red in the boxes, or if there seems to be an opening in the market for your website, indicated my many of the boxes being green.

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Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool

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I've listed this as #2 on the Best Keyword Research Tool 2012 because of the price. It's only $19 per month, which you can cancel at any time. If you are just starting out learning about SEO Keyword Research Tools then I strongly suggest this tool. It's extremely simple to use. It's hosted on Jaaxy's web servers so all you need to do is go to and log in. From any computer. And it also uses a simple color coding system to tell you whether or not there's a opening in the market for your keyword phrase. However, the color codes are the Keyword Quality Indicator, which is basically the traffic stats divided by the number of competing websites with that exact phrase showing in the Google search results. This keyword research tool is much simpler to use than the Market Samurai, but it also doesn't have as many features as the full version of Market Samurai.

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If you have deep pockets, then I recommend Wordtracker, currently priced at $69 per month. Actually you can save a bit of money by paying for it a year in advance if you want to do that. Wordtracker promotes that they give you more long tail keywords, giving you 2000 keyword options per search. For example on their website they give an example of you typing in "mountain climbing" and their tool suggesting the long tail keyword of "California mountain climbing tours" . They also promise to give you at least 300 related keywords per search. As well as give you information about the competition also.

Do you like this top?

You may consider another piece of software as the Best Keyword Research Tool 2012. But I think we can all agree that use any keyword research tool is better than using nothing. Some people may prefer one over the other based on whether it's a software downloaded to their computer, or whether it hosted on the company's website. For other people, price is an issue. To them, the Best Keyword Research Tool 2012 is one that they can afford.

If price is an issue, I recommend starting with Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool because it's only $19 per month.

Try it out for one month and if you don't think it helped you pick better keywords for your website, then cancel it and you are only out $19. When I first started using Jaaxy, that was my intention, try for a month. But I ended up loving it and make some new pages using the suggested keyword phrases and made sales within the first two weeks, making my money back from one page before the month was even up. Since then, it's made me a lot more in commissions that what I spend to use it.

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