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he best hot dogs in Toronto are not determined by its size, but by the quality ingredients used in its making. Though there are several hot dog factories in Toronto but it takes amazing qualities to deliver great tasting hot dogs. Hot dogs come in different shapes and sizes including foot-long franks and snack-sized steamies. So if you are looking to start hot dog business yet indecisive on the supplier to choose, here is what you’ve been waiting. Below is a list of the best hot dog factories in Toronto

Hot Dogs Toronto
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Soloways Hot Dogs

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If you are in search of a reliable hot dog supplier in Toronto, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is the solution. The factory makes hot dogs in a wide variety including beef, chicken and hot dogs. Founded in 1927, Soloway’s has been serving great hot dogs as well as authentic European meat products to the Toronto area since its inception. The company started off as a restaurant serving customers with sausages, roast beef and pork. In 1996, Soloway’s expanded its operations to accommodate the ever changing food economy. Nonetheless, Soloway’s maintained its authentic and original recipes and cooking method. In order to guarantee maximum satisfaction for customers, the company adheres strictly to rigorous food safety standards.

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Robert’s Boxed Meats

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Robert’s Boxed Meats was founded by Robert Beausoleil, a renowned retail meat supplier. Formerly known as Meats Galore, Robert’s Boxed Meats has been devising means to serve customers with best products. Not only that, it has been working tirelessly to keep up with the ever changing needs of customers. If you seek quality hot dogs, the Robert’s Boxed Meats is right here for you. Much of Robert’s success is based on the combined efforts of staff, some of whom have been with the store right from the day it was founded. Providing top notch service is of utmost importance at Robert’s Boxed Meats and for this reason, they do everything possible to deliver the best.

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Fancy Franks

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Started operations in 2012, Fancy Franks are the latest additions to the myriad of hot dog factories in Canada. The factory provides more than just gourmet topping, they offer quality hot dogs to the delight of customers. Fancy Franks uses only the finest ingredients to produce their hot dog, thus giving it that exotic taste and flavor. Regardless of what you need, Fancy Franks has got you covered! For your favorite hot dog supplier in Toronto, look no further than Fancy Franks.

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If you are in Toronto and yet to have a taste of the locally made hot dogs, then you are missing out on a lot of goodies. Toronto hot dog factories have a great reputation for providing the best hot dogs to suit the needs of clients.

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