Best Review - Top 3 Best Funny Articles About Men

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Three articles poking fun at the stereotypes of men which are, humorously, based on some truth. In these articles you'll read about men and hygiene, men and eating habits, and the behavioral quirks of men. These articles will make both men and women laugh, and women will nod in agreement. Hygiene for the Typical Guy A burning issue that goes back to when humankind lived in caves and hunted without GPS, hygiene for guys continues to be elusive. Eating Habits of a Typical Guy Guys like to eat. Food, eating, and of course, eating food, are favorite topics of interest. It's a dearly important part of The Guy Experience, and needs some discussion to make it seem ridiculous. Scratching is Male Pattern Behavior There's a lot of things men do that's confusing or offensive to women. One such action is public scratching. Discussed here are three behavior patterns that are stereotypically male in nature.
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