Best Review - Top 3 best free moocs available online for october 2015


ith the beginning of the school season it seems a lot of students need outside sources to enhance their knowledge and broaden their horizons in many exciting scientific topics that concern their minds . At the time of the courses on the Internet has become an ideal way to learn , it became necessary to pursue these new courses every month and inform the best of .
In this report we review together the most important online courses available for free in the month of October in various fields .
ITs the list that contains the most important educational materials offered by the most prestigious educational institutions around the world free for learners through the Internet .

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World War I : History in the 100 story ... Monash University . The beginning of the course : October 12 .

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A free mooc ( online course ) of history from Monash university , starts 12/10/2015 , Effective and useful about the first world war .

Top 2

Medicine in the digital age ... Rice University. The beginning of the course: October 1st.

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a medical free online available mooc ( free online course )for October ... Rice University . The beginning of the course : October 1st , for 6 months duration .

Top 3

Introduction to Philosophy

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... University of Edinburgh . The beginning of the course : October 5 . For : 7 weeks

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