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ith the success of The Melting Pot, with 140 locations across 36 states and recently opened locations across Canada, the fun in "fundue" is back! People of all ages are enjoying fondue again. And after having fun at The Melting Pot, people are deciding to have fondue at home, as it is a lot cheaper. So now fondue parties are in again! Fondue is back! And the best thing is, we don't have to deal with itsy bitsy candles or gel fuels anymore. Well, you can still dust off your 1960 vintage sets if you like - yes, they are still selling fondue candles which they now call "tea lights" - or, get yourself a brand new electric fondue set. The electric fondue sets are much more convenient and safer to use. Do I hear a Yippeedoodledoo?

Here are the best selling electric fondue pots in the market:

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Rival FD350S Stainless Steel Electric Fondue

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This stainless-steel electric fondue from Rival is a fine-tunable, worry-free alternative to the candle-heated fondues. And it has an attractive shape and a 3-quart capacity to boot. It is easy to adjust the heat from warm to 400 degrees Fahrenheit using the detachable temperature dial. Stable and easy to transport, the pot has eight fork notches and comes with eight fondue forks, each tipped in a different color to avoid confusion. The 18/10 stainless steel is strong as well as beautiful, with a gleaming mirror finish. Remove the power cord and temperature gauge and you can immerse the whole pot for cleaning. Out of 65 Reviews, 38 customers gave it 5 stars, 18 gave it 4 stars and most only complained about its short cord.

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Cuisinart CFO-3SS Electric Fondue Maker

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This Cuisinart electric fondue is designed for use with oil, broth, chocolate, or cheese. The set combines powerful electric heat with easy temperature control and handsome but tidy construction. The 3-quart stainless-steel bowl is lined with nonstick coating for keeping heated foods from sticking, and the stand, bowl, ring, and temperature probe all assemble and disassemble easily. A combination of finishes, such as brushed on the bowl and ring, mirror on the stand and handles, gives the unit a contemporary flair. Out of 72 Reviews, 50 customers gave it 5 stars, 14 gave it 4 stars and the only complaint was a short cord.

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Trudeau 0823004 Electric 11-Piece 3-in-1 Fondue Set

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Turn any potluck night with friends into an extra-special occasion with the help of this electric fondue pot. The 56-ounce unit can be used for hot broth or oil-based fondue when dipping pieces of meat and seafood, or slip its stoneware double-boiler insert into place for serving cheese or chocolate fondue. The mirror-finish 18/10-stainless-steel pot sits securely on top of the electric warming base, which features a nonstick warming plate and offers a simple control dial on the front for easily adjusting the heat from low to high. The stainless-steel pot can also be used directly on the stovetop, making it possible to cook a favorite fondue recipe in the kitchen before transporting it to the warming base, situated neatly on the buffet or dining-room table... no need to dirty a second pot. The best one in the market for versatility, utility and stylishness.

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Goodbye fondue candles, goodbye fondue gel fuels! Electric fondue is easier to use, a lot faster, and safer.

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