Best Review - Top 3 Best Dog Car Harness

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Please tell me you're using a dog car harness for your innocent pooch... We wouldn't dream of allowing our children to be unrestrained in a car, yet we allow our canine companions to do so, it just doesn't make sense. Without a dog car harness, you're putting not only your dog, but your whole family at risk. Dogs are unpredictable, they can disrupt the driver. Worse yet, in the case of an accident, your dog can actually injure the humans in the car. Take a look at the top dog car harnesses... Make sure you restrain your pooch, for everyone's benefit. Ruff Rider Roadie Elite Ruff Rider Roadie Canine Vehicle Restraint/Training Harness Champion Canine Seat Belt System
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Good info on dog harnesses.

Good info on dog harnesses. Thanks for explaining how each of these work in conjunction with protecting it while riding in a car.