emember those days you were young,hale and hearty, those moment of your life you worry about nothing but as the clock keep ticking, everything get changed with time. you begin experiencing variations in your actions and at last, you suddenly discovered that you no longer have some things fitted to you as they use to be, you no long do some chores and exercise perfectly the way you use to do them and a very big question bell ring in your mind. WHAT IS GOING WRONG WITH ME?
After a while, a friend said to you, "hello guy, you are adding up weight" and you are like " really?" he said yes, your belly is protruding and i most confess, you have gain a lot of belly fat in the last few months. And now you look confused because you have noticed this early but was quite unsure of what to do. if this is exactly what you have been going through, relax and read on because i have for you a remedy that will help you burn out belly fat faster. but before this, let me share with you few likely causes of this belly fat that most people do not realize or take into consideration.

Belly fat burning.
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Burn belly fat without medication.

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belly fat burning

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Burn belly fat without medication.

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belly fat buring workout

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Burn belly fat without medication.

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There are so many factors which are the malefactor for belly fat, these include;
1. INACTIVITY: It is really important to note this that inactivity which i hereby substitute with "sedentary lifestyle" is a malefactor for poor health which can give rise to over-weight. this can lead to belly fat and promote poor health. therefore, one is advice to participate in sport and exercise.
2. ALCOHOL: Alcohol has healthful and at the same time harmful effect if misused. the healthful effect of alcohol is that it can really get rid and suppress stroke and heart attack when consumed moderately meanwhile too much of alcohol consumption can be converted and stored in the cells of the body as carbohydrate which into increase the fatty content of the body. here you see that this has a lot to do with gaining weight.
3. SUGAR AND BEVERAGES: Too much of confectioneries and beverages can lead to weight gaining as it contain high volume of sugar, it is advice to be taken moderately.
4. STRESS: stress can be another good factor for gaining belly fat, When you're under pressure, your body pumps out cortisol, a hormone that wreaks havoc in at least two ways. For starters, it makes you more likely to seek out fatty, sugary foods that provide quick comfort. Cortisol also alters your body chemistry so you burn off fewer of those calories (and store more as fat).

5. SLEEP: Getting enough quality sleep is the most important thing you can do to minimize stress, optimize your health and help your body to burn more fat! During your sleep, your body utilizes fat as it’s primary source of fuel. So getting enough sleep is key to making sure that your body burns off more fat! If you have a hard time sleeping, try reading a book (non-fiction or self improvement type of books tend to work best). Sleeping in complete darkness also helps you sleep more soundly. Get rid of electrical equipment like phones, computers, TV’s, and radios in your bedroom (or at least switch them off when you go to sleep). Studies have found that the less electrical magnetic field you’re exposed to, the better your mind and body rests. You should spend 7-9 hours per night sleeping.

There are so many causes of weight gaining but since this article is geared at giving the best belly fat burning practices and workout, there is no need to be Elaborate. There are ways you can get rig of belly fat without medications, all you need to do is to observe the practices in this article. There are more to this but these are the possible causes.
1. TAKE A WALK: I know most people will be skeptical about this point, but truly, it works, take a walk some meters away from home, if you are fond of having your breakfast at the cafe or cafeteria situated 1500 meters way from your home, i advise you to do that but talking a walk down there. just forget about your bicycle, motorcycle, skateboard or car for a while and take a walk. if you make this a routine of taking a walk few meters away from home everyday for at least 10 minutes, you will see the positive effect of losing belly fat easier and without medications.
2.Oblique sit-ups: Sit up exercise is actually the one i will recommend for you and anyone who is really passionate about getting rid of belly fat. In sit up exercise, the stomach is really engage in exercise and a lot of energy is lost by the stomach each time a round of lying and raising step is made. The lost energy is the actual fat deposited in the tissue of the stomach so engaging in sit up exercise will convert the stored fat into utilized energy. Do this everyday for 2 minutes.
3. Run On A Treadmill: In order to lose a pound of weight, you need to burn 3,500 more calories than you consume. If you're committed to "rapid" weight loss, it's good to keep in mind that losing two pounds is the most weight you can loss on a weekly basis. At any rate, to lose two pounds a week, you'll need to create a deficit of 1,000 calories a day. By far the most effective way to do this is by exercise. As common sense indicates, the number of calories you burn running on a treadmill depends on a number of variables: the speed, incline, duration and body composition of the runner. As common sense indicates, the number of calories you burn running on a treadmill depends on a number of variables: the speed, incline, duration and body composition of the runner. So if you're actually up to running (as opposed to walking) then a mere 40 minutes or so on the treadmill a day can achieve half the calorie deficit you need to achieve your goals. However, it's important to note that if you've been sedentary, then launching into 40 minutes of stone cold running makes you highly prone to injury. It's also setting the achievement bar pretty high. For that matter, 40 minutes of running a day is a bit aggressive if you don't back off for injuries or cross-training, even if you're in shape. It's better to shoot for lower, sustainable goals.

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