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t's that time of year for back to school. Teachers are getting ready and parents are likely relieved that it's back to school and the family can get back into a routine. New school year means new teachers and new curriculum and a chance for a new opportunity to set the tone for success, for teachers and parents. Teachers want new ideas to set the tone of the class and parents want their child to do well. More and more children are arriving at school without any academic skills and parents want the teachers to wave the wand and perform the miracles. You know what, it can be done!

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First Day of School Ice Breakers

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Inexpensive ideas for helping teachers have a peaceful and fun first few days of school. A new school year and new opportunities to set the tone of the class. Your students want to like you (yes, they really do) and want to do well, these activities will help enhance the overall tone of the classroom.

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More Back To School Ice Breakers

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More great ideas for teachers. Teachers are getting to have more and more put upon them to have their students perform exceptionally well in all topics, so getting the school year off to a fun start will enhance those first few days of school and set the mood of the class for the rest of the year.

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Love your Teacher and Help Him or Her

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Tips to help parents understand their child's teacher and how to have a better parent/teacher relationship. Parents, teachers love and appreciate your help and input, so please read so you can further assist your child's teacher.

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Parents, yes, I’m one too, it’s vital for you to play a positive role in the education of your children, and be realistic at the same time. Teachers put in long hours (and they are not overpaid by any stretch of the word) to prepare lessons for your child to meet the endless demands of the department of education (DOE). Parents, please work with your teacher and help your child to understand the expectations of the class, school are in place to make them a better functional productive, and independent adult. Example, just the other week a couple of parents wanted a teacher to not count their 6th grade child tardy because their child is short. The children had to walk from one class to another and had five minutes to get there, just the same as every other kid in the school. Are you kidding me!!!!! Howabout using that as an excuse when arriving to work – probably not gonna work. Hope the point is taken here – parents, work with the teacher and have realistic expectations.

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