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air transplantation or hair transplantation actually translates hair around the head or other parts of the body to the bald areas. This process has two main stages of hair removal from the hair bunch and hair extensions in the bald and hairy areas.In general, the more the number of hair on the hair side of the hair is greater and the hair is thicker, the so-called individual hairbands are stronger and the result of hair transplant is better.
Also, the less the recipient's surface and the baldness of the person is less, the result of hair transplantation will be better.

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Expectations of clients after hair transplantation surgery

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Below are pictures of one person before and after surgery for hair transplantation in different time periods. These images also show the rapid and dramatic changes that occur during the hair restoration surgery.

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How to properly plant hair?

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Hair transplantation has evolved dramatically from a decade ago, and if performed properly, it can be a simple outpatient practice that produces natural and permanent results.

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Can Hair Surgery Suit For You?

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Many people ask who can use surgical procedures to plant their hair? In response to this question, most men with centralized or baldness in a particular area can use hair transplantation surgery, although women with a pattern of baldness similar to those of men who have localized and concentrated baldness They can also use hair transplant surgery.

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