Best Review - Top 3 Best Advice About Making Money with Amazon Mechanical Turk

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Many people try Amazon's Mechanical Turk for a while and then give up, but the first article listed here claims to make a consistent $1000 a month with them and then lists some of their secrets. I liked the other articles here too. Here's the link Mechanical Turk Strategy MTurk and Blog Strategy Top 10 Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Tips and Tricks
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This site is something new to

This site is something new to me, so many information on one place. Link there, link there....I don't know what I want click first ! I must take time for this. Anyway, I didn't see any "HOME" link any where ?! How can I found HOME page ?


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Great info on MTurk. I have

Great info on MTurk. I have used it in the past. (I did about an hour "test" just to see how much I could make in an hour and about 30 mins. familiarizing myself first)

It certainly seemed like something that could pay min. wage ++ to anyone willing to put in the effort and learn to do those HIT's fast

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It is easy to find

It is easy to find