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Find out my pick for the best New Google Adsense Alternative. NetBat is the best new Adsense Alternative for it's unique and interactive content that simply produces more clicks and therefore more revenue! NetBat NetBat is the best new Google Adsense Alternative for it's unique and interactive content that earns you more revenue! Google Adsense Google Adsense is a great program but they are very strict and it's becoming more and more difficult to get approved. Bidvertiser I've been using Bidvertiser for a few years but I've never had much luck in generating much revenue with it.
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Hello, Thanks for a great


Thanks for a great post, but I was surprised not to find Infolinks among the top three adsense alternatives. Infolinks is the highest paying In Text advertising solution today - so just give us a try and I am sure that we will make it to the top of your next list :)

Have a great day!


Kid Roland's picture is defrauding its is defrauding its affiliates / publishers by dropping the clicks and declaring them fraud clicks. is enticing publishers by showing that they have a lot of advertisers and good tools but the searches and subsequent clicks made by website visitors are being invalidated. is no alternative to Google AdSense.