Best Review - Top 3 Bad Things that Could Occur After Midterm 2018 Elections


very since November 2016 election results produced our current president, we've witnessed chaos, corruptions, scandals, one resignation after another and name calling, including continuous fighting amongst members over health care, immigration, border security, climate change and other issues facing this country. Meanwhile, media outlets have been strategically portrayed to Trump's hardcore supporters as the enemies for constantly bringing up touchy, controversial allegations which has led him to angrily call it "fake news". And with early voting in progress, you may wonder what worse possibilities might happen once elections are over and Trump is still president.

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Ruth Ginsburg Retires

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After supreme court nominee Brett Kavanaugh was finally confirmed despite protests, there's people on the left very worried that if Judge Ruth Ginsburg retires, Trump will appoint another conservative.

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North Carolina's Constitutional Amendment Might Pass

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On the North Carolina ballot is six constitutional amendments that's gained lots of growing opposition for months, created by the Republican majority general assembly. Some say its outright misleading, designed to undermine and strip power from Governors, Judges, require voter id's, decrease early voting and so forth.

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Kim Jong Repeatedly Breaks Summit Promises

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The summit meeting between Kim Jong and Donald Trump was supposed to talk Mr. Jong out of testing nuclear missles. But there's no real guarantee he will keep his word.

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