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t never hurts to give a bit back and on that basis I have listed 3 sites here for which all earnings are donated to charity. Some pretty serious topics as well, leukaemia, heart disease and cancer. There are not many of us around that haven't been exposed to at least one of these or maybe all three and if you haven't yet, apart from that being a big surprise, then it is highly likely that you will be soon. Either directly or indirectly.

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Heart Attack, The UK's Single Biggest Killer

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The number 1 on the list and the number 1 killer in the UK and USA. If you can't contribute you can at least find out about recognising the symptoms and what the immediate response should be. Taking the time to learn the symptoms and what the immediate action is that you need to take could make the difference between you surviving a heart attack or not. Take a look now and at least give yourself a fighting chance.

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Raising Funds for CLIC Sargent

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We hardly knew anything at all about leukaemia when it affected our family, never mind what help was on hand to deal with it. Make sure you don't get caught out in the same way, find out what CLIC Sargent does, how they help affected families both in hospital and their homes and what they are trying to do in research so that more people can survive this terrible disease.

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Sonique - DJ and Singer Extraordinaire

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Even celebrities can be struck down from cancer and Sonique isn't the only one, there are several 'A' list celebrities that have found themselves battling this killer disease. When I found out Sonique had become one of its victims I turned the earnings from this article over to cancer research. Also since the writing and updating of the article, Kylie Minogue has also suffered a major setback as a result of cancer. The good news is that both Sonique and Kylie have lived to tell the tale. Not everyone is so lucky.

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Hope you enjoyed the articles and found some spare cash to make a contribution. Just remember if you are one of the lucky few that haven't been affected by at least one of these illnesses, there is a good chance that you will be soon. All of these charities need support and help to allow them to continue their research and to support people already affected. Don't wait until it is already upon you to help them out, the next breakthrough could be the one that saves your life or the life of a loved one.

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