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ig Ziglar, who died at the age of 86, was an amazing multiple award winning motivational speaker and personal development coach who truly fulfilled the American dream by going from "rags to riches", having been raised primarily by his widowed mother...Ziglar was a World War II veteran whose career began in sales and then skyrocketed to fame with his motivational and personal development speeches which led to iconic "Ziglar Way" being developed into an enterprise of unparalleled personal and corporate training and best-selling motivational books...

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Image Credit: "See You at the Top" (2010)

Zig Ziglar
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Zig Ziglar Biography

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"Zig" Ziglar was born Hilary Hinton ziglar on November 6, 1926...His parents were John Silas Ziglar and Lila Wescott Ziglar...He had eleven siblings...

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The Early Years

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He was orphaned at the age of five when his father, a farm manager, died of a stroke...Tragically one of his younger sisters also died two days after his father...

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World War II Veteran

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He was a member of the U.S. Navy during World War II...

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Married with Children

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He met his wife, Jean Abernathy, in Jackson, MS in 1944 when he was 17 years old...They married in 1946...Together they had three children: Tom, Cindy and Julie...Ziglar was the proud grandfather of seven grandchildren and had twelve great-grandchildren and just one great-great-grandson...

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Career Development

Ziglar worked as a salesman, authored many books and was a motivational speaker through 2010, two years before his death...

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Best-Selling Author

Zig Ziglar authored or co-authored more than two dozen motivational books...His books include: "See You at the Top", "Zig Ziglar's Secrets of Closing the Sale", "Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World", "Top Performance: How to Develop Excellence in Yourself and Others", "Over the Top", "Success for Dummies", "Network Marketing For Dummies", "Selling 101: What Every Successful Sales Professional Needs to Know", "Confessions of a Grieving Christian", "The Autobiography of Zig Ziglar", "Better Than Good: Creating a Life You Can't Wait to Live", "Embrace the Struggle: Living Life on Life's Terms", "Born to Win: Find Your Success Code"...

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Zig Ziglar Quotes

Zig Ziglar is often quoted...One of Zig Ziglar's most famous quotes being, "Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation."...

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First Best-Selling Book

Ziglar's book, "See You at the Top" was originally entitled, "Biscuits, Fleas and Pump Handles"...

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Zig Ziglar's I Can Program

Zig Ziglar partnered with Mamie McCullough on the "I Can" Program for schools...

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Popular Motivational Speaker

At the peak of his motivational speaking tours Mr. Ziglar did 150 events per year and was paid up to $50,000 per speech...

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World Famous

He traveled across the U.S. and even around the world as a motivational speaker...

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First Sales Job

Mr. Ziglar began his career in sales as a cookware salesman...

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Corporate Trainer

He was sought after worldwide as a motivational speaker and corporate trainer...Ziglar spoke at events for the likes of IBM and JC Penney...

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Ziglar, Inc.

He was the main attraction at "Success Rallies" and "Born to Win" seminars...He had excelled as a speaker and was awarded the prestigious National Speakers Association (NSA) Council of Peers Award for Excellence (CPAE) Speaker Hall of Fame...This elite honor has onl been received by less than 200 speakers like Art Linkletter, Ronald Reagon and Earl Nigntingale...

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Opportunity Clock

He referred to the alarm clock as an "opportunity clock" for obvious reasons...

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"The Ziglar Way"

"The Ziglar Way" has made a difference in the lives of millions of people worldwide since 1970...

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Passing the Torch

Zig Ziglar has shared a stage with his daughter Julie to motivate up to 20,000 attendees...Zig co-authored a book, "Born to Win" with his son, Tom...

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The Legacy Continues

He passed the motivational speaking bug on to his son Tom and his daughter Julie...His family continues to run his flagship company Ziglar, Inc...

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The Eventual Decline

Ziglar retired from speaking engagements in 2010 due to the short-term memory loss caused by a fall he suffered in 2007...

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Zig Ziglar Died

Zig Ziglar died from Pneumonia at the age of 86 in Plano, TX on November 28, 2012...He was preceded in death by his daughter Suzan Witmeyer...He is survived by his wife of 66 years, Jean and their three children and other family members...

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Zig Ziglar was one of the greatest personal development coaches of our time and an outstanding orator...His contributions to self improvement, personal growth inspiration and corporate sales training leaves a legacy which his family will be forever proud of...

Watch any of the above video clips to get a glimpse into the talent that Mr. Ziglar was blessed with...

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