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"The human is a purposeful being, and the study of mechanical principles alone will reveal only a fraction of the entire spectrum of his movements - perhaps the fraction of least significance." Philip J. Rasch, PhD and Roger K. Burke, PhD

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A Guide to Know Your Nervous System (Series 1)

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The nervous system is utterly complex. So complex, in fact, that it’s not even remotely capable of a detailed rational understanding of its own complexity. Conditioning, learning, remembering, forgetting, relearning, meaning, personality, motivation, significance – even raw consciousness – are beyond the limit of human understanding. These are the functions of your nervous system while acting in an integrated manner with other body systems. Yet there are some bits of near-understandable information that humans, including athletes, can use to modulate their lifestyle.

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A Guide to Know Your Nervous System (Series 2)

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Strength is ultimately controlled by the mind. The strength of your muscle contraction is modified by both internal and external stimuli that the central nervous system (CNS) interprets on the basis of both built-in-defense mechanisms. Strength output then is a voluntary movement, the stimulus for which originates in your various receptors, interpreted by the brain and called into action by efferent motor neurons leading from the CNS to your muscles.

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A Guide to Know Your Nervous System (Series 3)

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This shutdown mechanism is of course one of your body’s important defense mechanisms, designed to keep you from ripping yourself apart with the strength of your own muscles. Experience and research tell us that the shutdown levels are typically very conservatively placed. That is, there is ample room most often to push the threshold back a bit to allow for greater than normal strength output.

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What You Want to Know About Your Hormones

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The two types of hormones, steroids and polypeptides, then diffuse in the blood and course through your body and eventually act upon a target organ. The problem is, according to scientists, that we have only a slight clue as to what actions each has individually, and practically no clue as to how they interact.

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How The Blood Works in Your Body

Your lungs contain millions of tiny air sacs, called alveoli, around which the blood flows. These sacs are like toy balloons filled with air and dangling in the liquid of your bloodstream. The air is forced into these sacs by atmospheric pressure. Then, following the Law of Gaseous Diffusion, the oxygen moves from the area of higher pressure in the alveoli to the red blood cells, where the pressure is lower (the red blood cells, remember, are now in effect “empty bottles,” having delivered their supply of oxygen and disposed of the returning wastes).

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One of The Vital Parts of Human Physiology: The Lungs (Series 1)

It all begins here. This is where the air you breathe is processed and the oxygen removed and transferred to the bloodstream for distribution throughout your body. The amount of air that your lungs can process is the first limiting factor on your condition.

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The Importance of Your Blood Vessels and Know Its Function (Series 2)

Years ago, the usual treatment for high blood pressure was “rest and relaxation,” because hypertension was, and still is, commonly associated with the stress of modern living. Now, regular exercise has been shown to be an effective means of neutralizing these unavoidable daily stresses.

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One of The Vital Parts of Human Physiology: The Lungs (Series 2)

Numerous tests have shown that a well-conditioned man’s vital capacity is about 75% of his total lung capacity. Often, however, an otherwise out-of-condition man may match this, so we look at one more test; the maximum minute volume. This is the amount of air that you can process during one minute of vigorous exercise, and this test usually separates the men from the boys. A well-conditioned man will force as 20 times his vital capacity through his lungs in one minute, while an out-of-condition man might be hard-pressed to force even 10 times through. He simply lacks the muscle and strength to perform at any higher level.

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The Importance of Your Blood Vessels and Know Its Function (Series 1)

At rest, blood travels through the large arteries at a speed of about 55 feet per minute. By speeding up the circulation to two or three times this rate, the same amount of blood can be made to do two or three times the work of feeding the cells and removing waste.

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Treatment of Emotional Problems and Mental Disorders

They may have symptoms such as anxiety, depression, or troublesome thoughts that they cannot put out of their mind. But many others who need help do not know it or do not want to know that they need it. They usually have symptoms that disturb other rather than themselves, such as irritability, impulsive behavior, or excessive use of drugs or alcohol that interferes with their family relationships and work responsibilities.

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Importance of Dental Implants and Dentures

Why missing teeth must be replaced? Most patients show some concern over the replacement of natural teeth with dentures, associating the loss of teeth with old age in the same way that others resist wearing eyeglasses or using a hearing aid. Millions of persons of all ages have improved their eating, speaking, and physical appearance by obtaining attractive and well-fitted dental implants or dentures. Also, each tooth functions to hold the teeth opposite and on either side in place. Missing teeth would mean shifting teeth and a host of other problems. For example, food particles could lodge in the spaces created by the shifting teeth, followed by the formation of plaque and the development of periodontal disease, resulting in the loss of additional teeth.

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When Not to Exercise After Heart Attack

n myocardial infarction, for instance, a scar forms on the heart. The scar may take as long as six weeks to heal. Exercise taken before the healing process has been completed may cause the heart wall to bulge, forming an aneurysm. The bulging can occur with each heartbeat and can lead to additional serious heart problems.

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Important Points to Understand in Preventing and Surviving Rape

Complications arising from sexual assault include contracting sexually transmitted disease (STD) or other diseases; becoming pregnant; and experiencing the aftereffects of contusions and abrasions. In addition, is the emotional trauma that the rape victim suffers, perhaps for the rest of her life. Experts suggest that women try to protect themselves against rape and follow certain procedures if raped.

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When Not to Exercise After Heart Attack

In myocardial infarction, for instance, a scar forms on the heart. The scar may take as long as six weeks to heal. Exercise taken before the healing process has been completed may cause the heart wall to bulge, forming an aneurysm. The bulging can occur with each heartbeat and can lead to additional serious heart problems.

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Important Things You Should Know About Child Care After Birth

Preparation for the baby should be made before delivery, if at all possible. This includes preparing the baby’s sleeping area, buying clothes, diapers, and other essentials for the baby. Some parents worry about how they would handle coming home to a nursery if the baby did not survive or was required to remain at the hospital for some time.

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Ovarian Cancer: 5th Most Common Type of Cancer

Less than 2 to 5 women will survive five years after diagnosis. There are several different kinds of malignant tumors of the ovary; some originate in the ovaries and others are caused by cells that have metastasized from a cancer at some other site, such as the uterus.

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Wanted to Know About Sports Massage? (Series 1)

Thoroughness implies both the time taken and the specific muscle groups or individual muscles covered. At no stage should a massage be rushed, or the therapist could miss a small area of stiffness, discomfort or pain that may need special attention.

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Wanted to Know About Sports Massage? (Series 2)

Body-builders, weight-lifters and power-lifters make extensive demands on their muscles, both in static and dynamic contraction and accordingly will have specific requirements in regard to massage. No muscle group must be omitted from the diagnostic routine of the first massage.

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Wanted to Know About Sports Massage? (Series 3)

The value of massage as a prevention of injury rather than for the treatment of injury cannot be overemphasized. The ultimate aim of effective sports massage must be to provide a support system for the body in training.

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Wanted to Know About Sports Massage? (Series 4)

The harder the massage, the longer will be your post-massage recovery time. This reinforces the notion that a hard massage is not recommended too soon before heavy training or competition. A light massage, which will stimulate muscle rather than induce relaxation, would be more appropriate here, e.g., during an event.

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