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ant to be an expert bartender? You can make some of the tastiest and most popular drinks by simply following the drink recipes below. The next time you are having a party or just looking for something fun to drink, check out these top 20 drink recipes and play bartender! These recipes include both cocktails and shots and give you plenty of options for delicious drinks/shots to suit everyone's tastes!

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Top 1

Crispy Crunch Shot Recipe

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Learn how to make a crispy crunch shot with this recipe.

Top 2

Sweet Tight P*ssy Shot Recipe

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Learn how to make a sweet tight p*ssy shot with this recipe.

Top 3

Buttery Nipple Recipe

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Learn how to make a buttery nipple with this recipe.

Top 4

Midori Sour Recipe

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Learn how to make a midori sour.

Top 5

Caribou Lou Recipe

Learn how to make a caribou lou with this recipe.

Top 7

Mountain Breeze Recipe

Learn how to make a mountain breeze with this recipe.

Top 8

Classic Mojito Recipe

Learn how to make a classic mojito with this recipe.

Top 9

Jungle Juice Recipe

Learn how to make jungle juice with this recipe.

Top 10

Fat Frog Recipe

Learn how to make a fat frog with this recipe.

Top 11

Irish Car Bomb Recipe

Learn how to make an Irish car bomb with this recipe.

Top 12

Flaming Dr. Pepper Recipe

Learn how to make a flaming Dr. Pepper with this recipe.

Top 13

Baltimore Zoo Recipe

Learn how to make a Baltimore zoo with this recipe.

Top 14

Surfer on Acid Recipe

How to make a surfer on acid with this recipe.

Top 15

Sex with an Aliigator Recipe

Learn how to make a sex with an alligator with this recipe.

Top 16

Ruby Relaxer Recipe

Learn how to make a ruby relaxer with this recipe.

Top 17

Miamie Vice Recipe

Learn how to make a Miami vice with this recipe.

Top 18

Mojito Diablo Recipe

Learn how to make a mojito diablo with this recipe.

Top 19

Liquid Viagra Recipe

Learn how to make liquid Viagra with this recipe.

Top 20

Thug Passion Recipe

Learn how to make a thug passion with this recipe.

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So don't forget, the next time you're hosting a party and want to make some tasty cocktails or shots to impress your friends, be sure to check out this list of the top 20 drink recipes. Also, if your favorite drink is just not doing it for you and and you want a suggestion for a new drink to drink, you can check out these drink recipes and order whichever sounds tastiest to you the next time you are at a bar. Enjoy but remember to be safe and don't drink and drive!

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