Best Review - Top 15 Secret Six Books and Figures


he Secret Six graphic novels from DC Comics were an instant hit, despite their short lived run. Most of the volumes are now highly collectible, and hard to find as they all pretty much sold out.

A team of supervillains who formed a dysfunctional family as well as went out on jobs as thugs-for-hire, they were unique and interesting, scary, creepy, violent, messed up, and flawed - but they also cared about each other, and they weren't complete monsters.

Collect all the books that they appear in together, as well as figures for Catman, Deadshot and Bane - and a few other collectibles.

The Complete Secret Six Fanart by Flynn the Cat
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Top 1

Villains United (Countdown to Infinite Crisis)

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Gail Simone (Author), Dale Eaglesham (Illustrator), Wade Von Grawbadger (Illustrator), J. G. Jones (Illustrator)

The prequel to the Secret Six series, Villains United (Countdown to Infinite Crisis)
shows how they got together, as a small and initially pathetic rebellion against Lex Luthor's Secret Society.

A good introduction to the series, if not quite as good as the 'real' Secret Six books, it is still readily available new, for about $10-15.

Top 2

Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation

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Gail Simone (Author), Brad Walker (Illustrator), Jimmy Palmiotti (Photographer), Karl Kerschl (Photographer)

The first book in the official series, Secret Six: Six Degrees of Devastation
follows the team as Scandal Savage's father attacks in order to force Scandal to do as he wants. Only available second hand.

Top 3

Birds of Prey Vol. 7: Dead of Winter

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Gail Simone (Author), Nicola Scott (Illustrator), Doug Hazelwood (Illustrator)

This crossover features the Birds of Prey (Oracle, Black Canary, Huntress and a couple of other ladies) facing off against the Secret Six in the snows of Russia. Worth picking up but only available second hand.

Top 4

Birds of Prey: Club Kids (issues #109-112, 1188)

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This graphic novel is a collection of short stories finishing off the Birds of Prey series (they came back again in a new series with Gail Simone). Apart from Knockout's death, we also see a bit more of Black Alice before she joins the Secret Six.

It is written by Tony Bedard and are crossovers with story threads in Final Crisis, and the fallout from Death of the New Gods.

It's not as good as the other books featuring the Secret Six, but is still available new (and relatively cheap).

Top 5

Secret Six: Unhinged

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Gail Simone (Author), Nicola Scott (Illustrator)

A very good book, the second in the Secret Six series shows Scandal and her team pulling themselves together after Knockout's death and taking a contract on a prize that soon has every villain for miles hunting them down. Add in a previous acquaintance with a grudge and someone very twisted from Ragdoll's past, and this is a hell of a book.

It's also still available new and for around $10! Grab it before it sells out!

Top 6

Secret Six: Depths

Gail Simone (Author), Carlos Rodriguez (Illustrator), Nicola Scott (Illustrator)

Secret Six: Depths features a look into Deadshot's pyche, a sidetrip to Gotham with Ragdoll, Bane and Catman, and the main story - a guard job that turns out to be very nasty, and gets them on the wrong side of Wonder Woman!

Another good one, it is also only available second hand.

Top 7

Secret Six: Danse Macabre

Deadshot's book - the Suicide Squad want him back and arrange their own trap. A trap that is wrecked by an invasion of the zombie Black Lanterns in a confusing and dramatic crossover showdown.

Still available new!

Top 8

Secret Six: Cat's in the Cradle

Written by Gail Simone and John Ostrander, illustrated by Jim Calafiore.

A rather grim contribution to the series, this book mainly follows Catman (Thomas Blake) in his deadly hunt for the men who stole his son. Sold out, second hand only.

Top 9

Secret Six: The Reptile Brain

Gail Simone (Author), Paul Cornell (Author), Various (Illustrator)

One of the weakest books by far, Secret Six: The Reptile Brain involves an interdimensional mission, a face down with the replacement Secret Six Bane put together in the previous book, and a rather confusing crossover with the Suicide Squad (it helps a LOT to have read Birds of Prey Vol. 7: Dead of Winter and Secret Six Vol. 3: Danse Macabre first). Also features a bonus story about a job involving Lex Luthor and Scandal's father, Vandal Savage.

The weakest book in the series, and with the worst art - but helps pave the way for the final book. Still available new. Also, the Amazon description is completely wrong and applies to the book Cat's in the Cradle.

Top 10

Secret Six: The Darkest House (Graphic novel)

Secret Six: The Darkest House is the final volume in the series before DC took its entire universe back to scratch. Our antiheroes rescue one of their members from Hell and end up in a final climatic battle.

Released 24th January 2012

Top 11

Helmet of Fate Black Alice #1

A spin-off prequel also written by Gail Simone, the comic Helmet of Fate Black Alice #1 follows the incredibly powerful, extremely goth, disturbed teen Black Alice in her own one-shot, before meeting the Secret Six.

Top 12

Catman Collector Figure (Batman Legacy Edition Modern Age Figure, Series 2)

Being part of Batman's stories, Catman gets his own figure as part of the Batman line up, and it's true to his Secret Six appearance. A 6" scale figure designed with quality and detail for collectors! Includes Batman Legacy Collector figure, unique display stand, and 6.75" x 10.25" comic poster.

Top 13

Bane Figure (Justic League Unlimited Version)

Bane, the huge and hulking nemesis of the Batman who takes over the Secret Six and tries to become a father figure for Scandal, appears quite a lot throughout the Batman canon, so there are several figures of him. The closest to his Secret Six self is the Justic League Unlimited Bane Figure and the Knightfall: Bane Action Figure

Also available:

  • Batman 1994 The Animated Series 6 Inch Tall Villain Action Figure
  • DC Direct Batman: Arkham Asylum Series 2: Bane Action Figure
  • Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 'Lethal Impact' Bane
  • DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Exclusive Action Figure 4-Pack Gotham City Criminals (Clock King, Harley Quinn, Bane and Scarecrow)
    (which would also let you collect Harley Quinn, a temporary member of the Secret Six

  • Top 14

    DC Universe Classics Series 9 Deadshot (Action Figure)

    The deadly gunshooter Floyd Lawton, known as Deadshot, is a one time member of the Suicide Squad and one of the most amoral members of the Secret Six. Nevertheless, he forms a friendship with Catman and has occasional, hidden, moments of self sacrifice.

    The DC Universe Classics Series 9 Deadshot is a very nice collectible figure of him

    As well as some other figures from various points in his DC Comic history:

  • HeroClix: Deadshot # 27 (Veteran) - Unleashed
  • DC Universe 2009 Wave 9 Classics - DEADSHOT
  • Michael Turner Identity Crisis 1: Deadshot Action Figure

  • Top 15

    DC Origins Heroclix Figures

    Most of the Secret Six appear as figures in the Heroclix RPG game - and nowhere else. The bad news is they're tiny and not exactly display qualtiy. The good news is they're cheap and reasonably accurate - and the only way to currently collect Scandal Savage, Black Alice and Knockout.

  • DC Heroclix Arkham Asylum Scandal Savage
  • HeroClix: Knockout # 28 (Rookie)
  • DC 75th Anniversary Black Alice
  • Hypertime Bane Rookie
  • Cat-Man # 42 (Veteran)
  • HeroClix: Deadshot # 27 (Veteran)

  • Do you like this top?

    Scandal Savage, Knockout, Bane, Jeanette, Ragdoll, Deadshot, Black Alice, Catman - and appearances from the Mad Hatter and Harley Quinn.Gail Simone's characters included one of the only lesbian couples in DC comics, as well as the bisexual Catman, some amazing writing, and a completely stunning show stealing by a bunch of B-list characters thrown out in the trash.

    Sadly, there's nothing to buy for Ragdoll or Jeannette.

    For a good review of the series, see this review at Good Lesbian Books

    For more awesome graphic novels, check out The Best Graphic Novels I Have Ever Read
    For the original picture used at the beginning see The Secret Six on DeviantART

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