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ere is a top list of Katy Perry websites! Find Katy Perry lyrics, Katy Perry costumes, Katy Perry fan pages, Katy Perry clothes, and much more Katy Perry things :)

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Katy Perry's Official Fan Page

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Looking for Katy Perrys fan page? You've found the right place! Find Katy Perry CDs, Katy Perry music, Katy Perry costumes, Katy Perry clothes, Katy Perry posters, Katy Perrys biography, Katy Perrys lyrics, Katy Perry pictures and much more Perry to love!

Top 2

Katy Perry's Bio, Awards, Posters, and Music

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Looking to read about Katy Perry? You've found the right place. Find Katy Perrys bio, Katy Perrys music videos, Katy Perrys awards, Katy Perry songs, Katy Perry t-shirts, Katy Perry mp3s,Katy Perry posters, and lots more Katy Perry fun things!

Top 3

Katy Perry's Hot N Cold Video Costumes

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Looking for the perfect costume from Katy Perrys Hot N Cold Video? Find all the Hot N Cold video accessories that Katy Perry wears like a white veil, white body jumpsuit, pink ballet flats shoes, hot pink lipstick, diamond stud earrings, a pink bike, and a Katy Perry hot and cold wig (for Halloween, of course!)

Top 4

Katy Perry's California Gurls Video Costumes

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Looking to be Katy Perry for this year's Halloween?! From her music video "California Gurls" here are some candy inspired Katy Perry costumes to choose from! In the California Gurls video, Katy Perry has many different interesting candy outfits. Take a look at all the Halloween costume options you have and turn heads at a Halloween party!

Top 5

Shop For Katy Perry Clothes

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Looking for Katy Perry clothes to buy? Find Katy Perry dresses, shirts, and other Katy Perry outfits! Katy Perry has a unique sense of style with her wardrobe. She is very unpredictable whether it be a stunning red-carpet dress or a silly costume! Buy some of Katy Perrys clothes and look absolutely fabulous just like she does! :)

Top 6

Katy Perry's Song Teenage Dream

Looking for Katy Perrys Teenage Dream song? I absolutely LOVE Teenage Dream! Find Katy Perrys Teenage Dream lyrics, Teenage Dream mp3s, Teenage Dream songs,Teenage Dream videos, and other Katy Perry merchandise! Let's jam out to Teenage Dream ;)

Top 7

Katy Perry California Gurls Lyrics

Looking for Katy Perry's California Gurls lyrics? You've come to the right place! Find California Gurls mp3s, california gurls music, california gurls video, california gurls lyrics and more Katy Perry stuff!

Top 8

Katy Perry's Official Website

Find Katy Perry news, tour dates, photos, videos, music, and other Katy Perry merchandise!

Top 10

Katy Perry I Kissed a Girl Lyrics

Find Katy Perry's "I kissed a girl" song lyrics here!

Top 13

All About Katy Perry on Wikipedia

Find all the information about Katy Perry here!

Top 15

Katy Perry YouTube/ Music Videos

Search through tons of Katy Perry music videos on YouTube!

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pretty cool katy Perry Costume site at Katy Perry Halloween Costumes. [SPAMMER'S LINK REMOVED, AS USUAL... THANK YOU FOR THE KEYWORDS THOUGH]