Best Review - Top 12 reasons to choose CBProAds Clickbank WordPress Plugin


here are a number of plugins for WordPress which allow you to display Clickbank Ads on your blog.
But CBProads have just released their own WP plugin and it rocks!

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Titles and Descriptions written for buyers, not affiliates

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The plugin provides only redefined title & descriptions, what does it mean?
It means that titles and descriptions have been rewritten by cbproads to make sense to buyers instead of affiliates... You see the list of products come directly from Clickbank as a very large list of thousands of products with their title and descriptions which have been written by vendors to be seen in Clickbank marketplace by affiliates looking for a good product to promote.. And so one typical product's information would be:
Title: Fat Loss 4 Idiots - 5% conversion on CB!
Description: Our Top Affiliate Has Banked Over $100,000 In Just Over 3 Months! (In Net Earnings!)
Our Site Is Converting Like Crazy This Month!
*Newsletter Posted
**Earn 66% And Get Paid $23.15 Per Sale!

Now imagine a potential buyer of a weightloss information product looking at that.. Do you think THAT will convert into sales?
Instead, the team at cbproads would have rewritten the copy to show on your blog along those lines:
Title: Fat Loss 4 Idiots
Description: Learn the 10 idiot proof rules of dieting & fat loss and lose 9lbs every 11 days.

In other plugins, they take clickbank's raw data (XML feed data) which simply makes no sense at all to your visitors!

Moreover, Clickbank often changes its data feed structure and it may affect your plugin if you are using another one. In the case of CBProAds plugin, they update any changes to match Clickbank's data feed directly in their site and it will be reflected on all those who use their plugin immediatly, with no downtime, as each plugin user get their data as a xml feed directly from CBProAds instead of relying upon Clickbank's data feed xml.

It may sound a bit too technical for your liking, but the bottom line is no downtime AND ads that make sense to the intended readers.

Top 2

Product's cover image for all products

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They are the only service that provides product image cover of each product in the plugin. As you know images near a text ad means better CTR. So much better that adsense has forbidden this practise a long time ago since it was driving the advertisers crazy to get so many clicks (since they have to pay for each click) when not all visitors were interested in buying THEIR product.
In your case you don't care so much about sending a lot of traffic to the products sale pages, because it doesn't cost you or anyone anymore, and the plugin opens the products sales page in a new window and it sets a cookie, so if the visitor go back to the destination site another day from a bookmark and buy the product, you'll still get the sales because the cookie has been set when they first went to the sales page days before via your blog..

Top 3

Products have a price

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Price of each products is also not provided by any other plugins. But it is provided by CBProAds plugin, it is optional, so you don't have to show it, but if you want to make it very clear that those ads are for paid products, then you have that option to show the prices within the ads before your readers click. It also means you'll have less traffic to the sales pages, but those who click will be much more likely to buy the product instead of feeling deceived by you into clicking on "yet another ad".

Top 4

No maintenance needed

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After the installation, you don't have to update your marketplace feed data every day with Clickbank's data. In other plugins, it is required to update your data with Clickbank's data often like daily/weekly.. etc. In short, there is no further maintenance needed with CBProAds plugin.
Any changes/XML feed update (Clickbank), they make to their own database, which will be reflected on all plugins automatically.

Top 5

Easy installation

NO headaches, NO brainstorming sessions to work out what are all those settings for.
It's easy to install and hardly take a few seconds to set up.

Top 6

Perfect integration with your theme's design

Integrates with any WordPress theme easily and matches with its color settings.

Top 7

Don't show low selling products

Filter out your products with performance parameters like low gravity, low popularity rank, etc.
Those performance parameters are set by Clickbank, for instance if you ever wondered what gravity means in Clickbank, it is easy to understand:

For one product, they take all affiliates sales for the last 2 months, that gives them a number, let's say 20.. Now to this number they add a number. How they do it? They take again the list of affiliates sales for the last 60 days but this time instead of counting 1 sale = 1 point of gravity, they give 1 point for any sale within the last 6 days, then 0.9 point for any sale that happened between 12 and 6 days ago, then 0.8 points for a sale between 18 and 12 days ago, etc.. At the end they get a number, often with a decimal value, like 15.6 and that's what they call gravity, so let's take an example:
2 products, 20 sales each.
Product A is new and all sales happened in the last 6 days, 20 + (20 * 1) = 40 gravity
Product B is old and all sales happened two months ago and no sales since, 20 + (20 * 0.1) = 22 gravity

So product A is hotter than product B, although they both have the same number of sales in the past 2 months, Product A is selling fast NOW while product B is has been and nobody is making any sales recently..

If my explanation wasn't clear enough, here's Clickbank own definition of gravity:
"Gravity: Number of distinct affiliates who earned a commission by referring a paying customer to the vendor's products. This is a weighted sum and not an actual total. For each affiliate paid in the last 8 weeks we add an amount between 0.1 and 1.0 to the total. The more recent the last referral, the higher the value added."

See? It's easy to understand.. Now they have also another performance rating called simply popularity.. What it is is kept secret by Clickbank but really heavily on gravity and incorporates also other performance indicators such as:
- $Earned/Sale: Average net amount earned per affiliate per referred sale. Note that this is the net earned per actual sale, and so it is impacted by refunds, chargebacks, and sales taxes. Unfunded sales, such as returned checks, do not impact this number.
- Future $: Average total rebill revenue earned by the affiliate due to sales from a site. Generally this equates to the average sum of all rebills.
- Total $: The sum of all initial sales and rebills divided by the number of initial sales. It is the average total $ per sale, including all rebills that may come from that sale.
- %Earned/Sale: Average percentage commission earned per affiliate per referred sale. This number should only vary if the vendor has changed their payout percentage over time.
- %Referred: Fraction of vendor's total sales that are referred by affiliates.

Top 8

Feature your own selection of products

Promote the products of your choice on the home page. Simple as that, because YOU know best.

Top 9

Don't show everything

Exclude any categories like dating or gambling if you wish so. No product from those categories will show on your blog, ever. And it is not only for controversial categories, also those you really don't think would ever sell on your site.. But be careful not to block too many, you never know what your readers might be interesting in apart from your blog topic..

Top 10

Unlimited domain installs

Installs on multiple domains provided you use unique Clickbank ID. In Clickbank you can open as many accounts as you wish, it doesn't matter to them. For each account you get a Clickbank ID. So if you want to install the plugin on several domain names, you should open a Clickbank account for each of your domains. You may find this inconvenient but it's even better anyway for tracking your sales.

Top 11

Show the very best products only

Sort the products according to popularity rank & gravity. This is similar to "Top 7 Don't show low selling products" but not quite the same. This is not about blocking low selling products, it is about ordering by the parameter you want. Of course both can be combined, so you will only show product with a gravity above 20 but you'll order them by popularity / gravity instead of having them show at total random.

Top 12

You get everything else CBProAds has on offer!

There's much more to CBProAds than the WordPress Plugin. In fact this plugin is brand new (september 2012) while CBProAds exists for several years already. So by getting this plugin you also benefit from their standard widgets and storefronts they've been offering for years. If you've never tried CBProAds before and you have WordPress blogs, now is the time!
They have a BASIC FREE MEMBERSHIP so you can look around and try their widget for as long as you want before deciding to get the LIFETIME PRO MEMBERSHIP which has many benefits, much more benefits than the price it costs!

Do you like this top?

If you're not yet convinced that this is THE WordPress Plugin you've been waiting for when it comes to displaying Clickbank products on your blog, then you should check it out for yourself and consider it again..

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